NoSQL, NewSQL or OldSQL for Big Data and New OLTP

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Michael Stonebraker sparks debate with his Keynote presentation at the upcoming NoSQL Now! Conference:

NoSQLNow! 2011 Conference

Mike is already generating curiosity and controversy via his recent blogs on the topic of NewSQL, so it will be fun to see the reaction when he speaks to the topic in front of a crowd of NoSQL enthusiasts...

Pioneering database expert and entrepreneur Dr. Michael Stonebraker will give one of the opening Keynote presentations at the NoSQL Now! Conference taking place on August 23-25 in San Jose, California. His topic is “NewSQL vs NoSQL for New OLTP.”

According to Stonebraker, “Historically, enterprises used traditional RDBMs for on-line transaction processing (OLTP) applications. We affectionately call these systems OldSQL…(but) in a considerable number of modern applications (multiplayer games, risk analysis in electronic trading, gambling, social networks, etc.) OldSQL is cracking under the volume of interactions. This talk contrasts two alternatives to OldSQL in this area:

NoSQL, where both SQL and ACID transactions are jettisoned for better performance.

NewSQL, where SQL and ACID are retained, and better performance is delivered through innovative architectures.”

“Mike is already generating curiosity and controversy via his recent blogs on the topic of NewSQL, so it will be fun to see the reaction when he speaks to the topic in front of a crowd of NoSQL enthusiasts and they have an opportunity to challenge him directly.” said Tony Shaw, founder of Dataversity and conference program Co-chair. “But Mike Stonebraker has long been renowned for his expertise and groundbreaking work, so I have little concern that his case will hold up under scrutiny. Even though this is primarily a NoSQL conference, it will be good to get a balance of inputs on the full range of technology solutions available today.”

Advance details of the Keynote talk are available at:

Dr. Stonebraker has been a pioneer of database research and technology for more than a quarter of a century. He was the main architect of the INGRES relational DBMS, and the object-relational DBMS, POSTGRES. These prototypes were developed at the University of California at Berkeley where Stonebraker was a Professor of Computer Science for twenty five years. More recently at M.I.T. he was a co-architect of the Aurora/Borealis stream processing engine, the C-Store column-oriented DBMS, and the H-Store transaction processing engine. Currently, he is working on science-oriented DBMSs, OLTP DBMSs, and search engines for accessing the deep web. He is the founder of five venture-capital backed startups, which commercialized his prototypes. Presently he serves as Chief Technology Officer of VoltDB, Paradigm4, Inc. and He was awarded the IEEE John Von Neumann award in 2005, and is presently an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at M.I.T.

NoSQL Now! Is a vendor-neutral forum celebrating the diversity of NoSQL technologies and helping businesses develop objective evaluation processes to match the right NoSQL solutions with the right business challenge. The conference will take place at the San Jose Convention Center August 23-25, 2011. Sponsors of the event include This year’s sponsors include 10Gen, Tagged, Versant, Phasic Systems, Calont, Citrusleaf, Franz Inc., Hypertable, MarkLogic, VoltDB and Scientel Inc. More information about speakers, topics and registration at:

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