NO THRUSH-The First Ever Dry Formula announces Worldwide distribution. In under 12 months, the product has moved from niche equine sales, into a retail powerhouse.

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While the NO THRUSH distribution and sales figures continue their phenomenal rise, the company execs direct their focus solely toward horse-owner education. In this interview, along with the attached video, their passion and knowledge of equine health is on full display.


NO THRUSH - The First Ever DRY Formula

Heel cracks are the #1 reason horses have recurring thrush,” Busfield states unequivocally. “Many horse owners look at those cracks and believe that they are normal. In fact the cracks are wounds which open directly into the tissue of the inner foot.

Four Oaks Farm Ventures Inc, the manufacturer of NO THRUSH - The first "powdered" thrush and scratches formula,, has announced its entry into full-scale worldwide distribution. The product is now carried by over thirty USA and Canadian distributors, and the relabeled brand, NTDRY is being widely distributed on the international market. The product is available through nearly every major online equine retailer, and is already often listed as the Top Seller.

When asked about the phenomenal rapid growth in product sales, company V.P., Heath Kizzier said, "NO THRUSH has drastically changed the way people deal with thrush and other bacterial and fungal problems on their horses' feet and coat. The growing sales are solely a reflection of the product itself," he said. "Our only job is to get it into people's hands, and then let them make their own decision. The fact is, thrush treatment hasn't changed much in 40 years, and NO THRUSH is a HUGE change. So our one battle is to convince consumers to try something new. Initially when folks learn that NT is a powder, they scoff, asking how a powder is going to work on the bottom of a horse’s foot. However after one use, they are hooked. You literally see it working right before your eyes."

As the label says, NO THRUSH is the first powdered - dry - treatment. So instead of adding more moisture to an already wet problem, NO THRUSH attacks bacteria, but also absorbs excess moisture and eliminates the bacterial breeding ground. Kizzier adds, "The product takes only seconds to apply so people are using it as we suggest. It doesn't stain clothing or hands, and most importantly it works. We are also delighted with how well this dry treatment works on scratches and rain-rot. The product slogan is 'Just Dust On' because that is literally all folks need to do. Once per day they 'Dust On' and walk away. That's it."

When Kathleen Busfield, product inventor, (and owner of Four Oaks Farm Equine Rehabilitation Center in Simi Valley, CA) first developed NO THRUSH for her private clientele, her goal was to create a long term protocal that would treat active thrush, but also get to the root of the problem. That root, she says, is the heel crack [an open sulcus groove].

"Heel cracks are the number-one reason horses have recurring thrush,” Busfield states unequivocally. “Many horse owners look at those cracks and believe that they are normal. This is not true. In fact the cracks are wounds which open directly into the tissue of the inner foot. These cracks are initially created by bacteria, and once established, they grant eternal access for the next bacterial infection.”

Busfield continues, “True thrush treatment is not complete until these cracks are closed. The problem is that we often treat thrush with caustic products and dangerous homemade remedies. While this protocol may attack bacteria, unfortunately we are also damaging that sensitive inner tissue. This caustic approach ensures that the heel cracks will not regrow, new bacteria will invade, and the ‘thrush-cycle’ never ends. My goal was to end that cycle for good because every time thrush is present, these horses are hurting, and there is no way they can be 100% productive.

Based on the thousands of nearly-euphoric testimonials found on the internet, Busfield has created equine and canine products that deliver exactly what she set out to provide.

The company has spent a great deal of resources educating the public about thrush. “There are so many misconceptions out there about this problem," says Busfield. "Many people believe that thrush is solely caused by unsanitary stable conditions. While that can be a factor, we just as often find thrush in perfectly clean barns. The fact is, because thrush is so stigmatized, it is often misdiagnosed. People refuse to believe that their horse could possibly have ‘that problem.’ We have found that deep sulcus thrush is often the procuring cause of soft tissue damage, navicular problems, and of course, general lameness. We hope that from now on, when a horse is sensitive while walking on rocky ground, the owner will look for a heel crack first. It there is a crack, they should pull out the NO THRUSH. Ninety-five percent of the time, the vet won’t have to be called in.

Kathleen was asked for some final words. She didn’t blink an eye. “Every horseman knows… No hoof, no horse. Period.”

Editor's Note: Four Oaks Farm Ventures Inc also manufacturers NT Canine, the sister product of the flagship NO THRUSH. Also in powdered form, NT Canine is used for hot spots, skin irritations caused by eczema and bug bites, swimmer's ear and low-grade ear infections. For more information on this product go to

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