NPG Calls For President Trump And Congress To Go Beyond Strengthening The Border In Any Compromise On Current Impasse

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Says a Strong Border Must Be Coupled with a Commitment for More Interior Enforcement

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Citing the fact that both legal and illegal immigration will soon be the driving force behind our nation’s population growth, NPG President Donald Mann called on the nation’s leaders to use the current stalemate over border wall funding to launch a major national drive for a full-scale overhaul of America’s immigration policies.

“What we are experiencing right now, following a few weeks of a partial government shutdown over border wall funding, can actually work to the country’s benefit,” Mann said. He elaborated by stating, “Here we have the White House, Congress, the national media, and a huge segment of the American people focused on immigration. This presents us with the opportunity to carry this national discussion forward beyond the border wall, and address other critical immigration-related issues that desperately need to be confronted and resolved if we are going to make America’s future safe and secure for all.”

Mann noted: “Our nation’s leaders have made empty promises to fix our broken immigration system for far too long – delivering little or nothing to meet that goal. Let’s make 2019 the year we get back on track by better enforcing the immigration laws that are already on the books and adding new laws that are as vital as a strong border when it comes to protecting our nation.”

Mann specifically cited the need to bolster interior enforcement when it comes to dealing with illegal immigrants. “The fight against illegal immigration goes far beyond the border,” he said. “We must pass legislation that would make it mandatory for every employer in the country to use the E-verify program to confirm the legal status of any and all new hires. That one law, strictly enforced, would make clear to all illegals that U.S. jobs are not going to be available to them even if they do succeed in sneaking into our country. The faster we take away the ‘jobs magnet’ for illegals, the sooner we will see a major reduction in the flow of people risking everything to get to America – only to find no jobs available for them.”

Assessing the current debate on the border wall, Mann observed: “Even before the current border wall impasse, national polls consistently showed that immigration reform stands as a major concern for the American public. Now is the time for our elected leaders to heed the polls. They must grasp this favorable environment for reform, and not let the powerful forces of the open border lobby block what should be a positive surge forward in fixing all immigration problems such as tightening chain migration, eliminating sanctuary cities, readdressing birthright citizenship, visa tracking, ending the visa lottery, severely cutting the number of legal immigrants, and other issues. He concluded: “The economic, social and environmental benefits of getting immigration under control now will be enormous in the coming decades. The more we can act to limit immigration and keep America’s population numbers down, the more all Americans will be able to share a livable future.”

Mann concluded: “In all, 2019 should be a ‘nation changing’ year when it comes to immigration. That can only happen if the American people stand united in the quest for workable, common-sense immigration policies that are enforced, rather than ignored.”

Founded in 1972, NPG is a national nonprofit membership organization dedicated to educating the American public and political leaders regarding the damaging effects of population growth. We believe that our nation is already vastly overpopulated in terms of the long-range carrying capacity of its resources and environment. NPG advocates the adoption of its Proposed National Population Policy, with the goal of eventually stabilizing U.S. population at a sustainable level – far lower than today’s. We do not simply identify the problems – we propose solutions. For more information, visit our website at, follow us on Facebook @NegativePopulationGrowth or follow us on Twitter @npg_org.

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