What Potentially Toxic Chemicals Are In Common In Over The Counter Nutritional Supplements? New MAXeGEN.Com Web Site From Liberty Health Network Says Read The Label.

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Just how aware are consumers of the potential effects toxic chemicals pose in Nutritional Supplements? New web site from Liberty Health Network presents a compelling case for reading the fine print on Nutritional Supplement labels.

Dr. Studying the effects of Nutrtional Supplements

Are Nutritional Supplements eating a hole in your brain?

If I said to you - try a little of this chemical. Just put it on your tongue and swallow. Don't worry, the Government says it's safe. Although there are Material Safety Data Sheets that warn workers that this chemical is Mutagenic

An unknown wise practitioner once said never to purchase parachutes, contact lenses or pacemakers based solely on bargain basement prices. The same principle holds true for vitamin and mineral supplements. Unfortunately, many consumers are focused on the wrong part of the label. At least that's what Liberty Health Network spells out in their new Nutritional Supplement web site.

"If I said to you - try a little of this chemical. Just put it on your tongue and swallow. Don't worry, the Government says it's safe. Although there are Material Safety Data Sheets that warn workers that this chemical is Mutagenic for mammalian somatic cells. May cause damage to the following organs: lungs, upper respiratory tract. Would you try it? For virtually everyone, the answer would be an emphatic no. Get this is actually one of the whitening ingredients in many over the counter nutritional supplements. The chemical is called Titanium Dioxide." Said Liberty Health Network's Chief Operating Officer Russell Bly.

Titanium Dioxide is often used in the manufacture of Nutritional Supplements because of the chemical's whitening properties. However, research is recently bringing into questions the effects of Titanium Dioxide, at least at the nano particle level.

Liberty Health Network points to a comprehensive study conducted by researchers at UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center. The study shows that Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) nanoparticles induced single- and double-strand DNA breaks and caused chromosomal damage, as well as inflammation, all of which increase the risk of cancer.

The UCLA study is the first to show that the nanoparticles had such an effect, said senior study author Robert Schiestl, UCLA professor of pathology, radiation oncology and environmental health sciences and a Jonsson Cancer Center scientist.

"Obviously, we invested in our new Maxegen.Com web site to expand our presence in a very crowded marketplace." Said Liberty Health Network's Chief Financial Officer Tracy Grevert. "But more than investing in a site to market our products, we wanted to invest in a site that continues to educate consumers about the risks associated with other products in the marketplace, risks associate with toxic Mortechems and the important of seeking out Mortechem Free Nutrtional Supplements." Said Grevert.

Grevert went to to say "And here is the ironic part: Many Antioxidants use Tiutanium Dioxide as a whitener. The same chemical that TiO2 nanoparticles–induced genotoxicity in vivo in mice possibly caused by a secondary genotoxic mechanism associated with inflammation and/or oxidative stress. That’s right. Your Antioxidant may actually be an Oxidizer! Imagine 50, 60, or even 70 years of ingesting Titanium Dioxide every day in three or four different pills!"

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