New York City Bicycle Accident Attorney Encourages Continued Safety Measures For City’s Bicyclists And Pedestrians

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David Resnick, a personal injury lawyer with David Resnick & Associates, P.C., cites study showing that support for bicyclist and pedestrian safety pays economic dividends for New York’s neighborhood businesses.

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New York City personal injury lawyer David Resnick

Taking simple steps to protect pedestrians and bicyclists from reckless drivers will not only reduce the number of pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents in New York City, but it would also be good for business.

New York City personal injury attorney David Resnick today called on the city to step up efforts to promote bicycle and pedestrian safety, not only for the sake of New Yorkers’ wellbeing, but also as a way to cultivate the economic health of local businesses in the city’s neighborhoods.

“Taking simple steps to protect pedestrians and bicyclists from reckless drivers will not only reduce the number of pedestrian accidents and bicycle accidents in New York City, but it would also be good for business,” Resnick said, citing a new study that indicates people who use alternative means of transportation spend more money at neighborhood retail outlets.

Resnick practices with the New York City personal injury law firm of David Resnick & Associates, P.C., where he represents bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists who have been seriously injured in car accidents in Manhattan and throughout the New York metro area.

While the health benefits of walking and bicycling have long been known, a new study by Transportation Alternatives shows those activities can also bring economic prosperity to a community. The study revealed that the vast majority of retail spending in New York City’s East Village neighborhood -- 95 percent -- comes from walkers, bicyclists or public transit users.

According to the study, bicyclists and pedestrians in the neighborhood spend the most per capita per week, $163 and $158, respectively, at local businesses. Car and subway users spend less per person, at $143 and $111, respectively.

The study also found that the majority of customers in the East Village are local, with 74 percent of respondents living in Manhattan and 53 percent from the neighborhood itself.

“We all know that using your feet or a bike to get around is better for the environment and for your health,” Resnick said. “This study also shows walking and biking pays off for a community’s economy. Providing bicyclists and pedestrians with safer ways to get around and promoting these alternative transportation modes can pay dividends for everyone and should be a priority for the city.”

The study reports that 55 percent of respondents in the East Village walk or bike as their normal means of transportation, while 40 percent take the bus or subway. New protected bike lanes on First and Second avenues are credited with an increase in transportation by bicycle in the East Village.

Almost two-thirds of the respondents in the study said they were more likely to ride a bike with the addition of the protected bike lanes. The study also found that 24 percent of respondents specify bicycling as their usual way of getting around the neighborhood, compared with the 1 percent of New Yorkers who use a bike as transportation on a regular basis.

The bike lanes have also reduced the crossing distance for pedestrians, and 54 percent of the study respondents reported that it improved their walking experience.

“It’s great to see safety measures like protected bike lanes working to encourage more people to ride bikes, but more must be done to ensure the safety of New York bicyclists and pedestrians and protect them from dangerous drivers, including drivers who are impaired, distracted or simply reckless,” said Resnick, whose practice is dedicated to obtaining the best possible resolutions for accident victims and their families. “More enforcement will result in safer streets for everyone and reduce the number of pedestrian and bicycle accidents in New York City.”

Resnick encouraged anyone who is injured in a bicycle or pedestrian accident to seek legal counsel from a qualified New York City bicycle or pedestrian accident attorney.

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