Top Dentist Says to Brush your Teeth--the Right Way

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Dr. Jan Linhart Advises on Proper Tooth Brushing Technique.

Everyone brushes their teeth, but few do so properly. Dr. Jan Linhart, regarded as one of America's top dentists, claims that by focusing on key brushing techniques, everyone can improve their oral health.

Dr. Linhart states, "Brushing too harshly and too quickly are two of the most common mistakes people make when brushing their teeth." He says to choose a toothbrush with soft nylon bristles and to maintain gentle contact with the teeth and gums while brushing. The brush should also be comfortable to hold and have a head small enough to easily reach every tooth.

Angle is also important. "Start with the brush at a 45-degree angle where the teeth meet the gums," advises Dr. Linhart. "Maintain this angle while gently brushing the outer and inner surfaces of the teeth two or three at a time." Compared to brushing straight on, this technique is significantly more effective at removing plaque and bacteria. He recommends brushing with a tight, vibrating circular motion.

The inner surfaces of front teeth need to be approached differently. Dr. Linhart's advice is to "tilt the brush behind the teeth and use short vertical strokes." In effect, only the front half of the brush will be used at this stage. The chewing surfaces of teeth, unlike the inner and outer, should be approached straight on, with the brush bristles flush to the teeth. Here a back and forth motion like gentle scrubbing is recommended.

"After finishing all your teeth, always brush your tongue," says Dr. Linhart. A gentle scrub from back to front along the top surface of the tongue will help fight bad breath and contribute positively to overall dental health.

The average brusher also spends far less time at the task than is recommended. "You should always brush for a minimum of two minutes," says Dr. Linhart. "Many people find this difficult at first, but by focusing on two or three teeth at a time it is quite doable." He recommends using a systematic approach, such as brushing your teeth in the same order every time. For some, timing themselves is advised. "Once you get used to how long it should take with the help of a timer, you'll be better able to brush for that long on your own."

When asked if he had any final advice, Dr. Linhart said, "Yes. Brushing alone is not enough--don't forget to floss."

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