Use of Cortisone by Star Athletes Belies Dangers, Warns Manhattan Chiropractor Dr. Josh Wagner

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Manahttan’s Only Torque Release Specialist, Dr. Josh Wagner, Speaks Out on Cortisone Treatment, Announces upcoming eBook - Access: Pathways to Express Your Potential

Dr. Josh Wagner

Your body wants to be healthy and is making every attempt to do so. Give your spine what it is asking for, which is rarely massive amounts of chemical intervention, or a knife.

NBA legend Kobe Bryant is doing it. So is PGA star Steve Stricker.

But while cortisone shots may have become the remedy du jour to relieve some athletes' ailing bodies and extend their playing time, that doesn't mean the treatment is right for them -- or for you -- according to Manhattan chiropractor Dr. Josh Wagner.

"If you’re thinking of getting a cortisone shot to manage or treat chronic pain, think twice, or maybe even longer," says Dr. Wagner, founder of The Life House Chiropractic, the only health center in Manhattan specializing in Torque Release Technique, which greatly enhances your body's natural ability to heal from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, migraines, sleep problems, low energy, and many other conditions.

"A cortisone shot is an intense pain killer, which can literally numb the affected area and silence the body’s warning signals to the brain, which tell you to stop making painful motions or movements,’” says Wagner, whose upcoming eBook “Access: Pathways to Express Your Potential” is coming out soon.

After a cortisone injection, you may become pain-free for up to three months, but not because your health is restored or the problem has been corrected, Wagner explains. “During that time, you’re exacerbating the situation, and often making the condition worse.”

If treating chronic back pain, for example, the cortisone may deplete the cartilage in the spine, and thin the discs in the vertebras of your back, which compromise and irritate the nerves and can lead to serious conditions such as arthritis and shooting pain.

“After the cortisone wears off, the pain comes back, usually even worse, because you’ve been performing motions your body wouldn’t normally let you get away with.” Wagner warns that, “Ultimately, you’ve messed up your spine so much, and depleted the cartilage so badly, that the only answer is surgery. And more often than not, the statistical results of spinal surgery aren’t pretty.”

So is there ever a circumstance where Dr. Wagner advises cortisone injections? “If it is your last choice after trying numerous alternatives and you feel you have exhausted all of your viable options, then cortisone may be all you have left to delay a surgical procedure, even though it will most likely guarantee it,” explains Wagner.

All too often, effective alternatives to the cortisone shot are ignored or misunderstood, says Wagner.

"Get checked by a doctor of chiropractic who specializes in the spine and the specific adjustment," he says. "The chiropractic adjustment gives the spine the best ability to correct itself, allowing the nervous system relief from irritation. It is often the best bet for stemming disc degeneration, and many doctors will say that disc space cannot regenerate, but only because they have not seen it happen themselves. Your body wants to be healthy and is making every attempt to do so. Give your spine what it is asking for, which is rarely massive amounts of chemical intervention, or a knife."

ABOUT DR. JOSH WAGNER: Wagner founded The Life House Chiropractic in 2010, and he’s the only chiropractor in Manhattan specializing in Torque Release Technique, a drug-free, safe and natural treatment which optimizes your physical and mental wellbeing (no cracking or popping). Wagner was mentored in TRT by its founder, Dr. Jay Holder, and graduated from New York University with honors and earned his doctorate in Chiropractic at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. Wagner is a native New Yorker raised in Chappaqua.

For more information or to set up an interview, contact us at 212.876.3286. Also see The Life House on Facebook and Twitter.

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