Topups247 Offers Real Solution to Housebound Phone Users

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Mobile top up mogul Topups247 is making waves with its outstanding online top up service – in a sadly overlooked area of the industry. The mobile phone has always been marketed as exactly that – mobile – but it’s often those for whom mobility is restricted that find it the most useful: and who find making top ups a lot harder than it should be.

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Now, thanks to Topups247’s online top up service, housebound and mobility restricted customers for all major networks can make repeated, secure top up requests for their phone on a web site. The site, similar in its security functions to major online payment protection schemes, stores bank details and phone numbers –which means, after a single use, that customers who wish to make an Orange top up, a 3 top up, a T Mobile top up or an O2 top up, can do so in seconds by simply recalling saved details.

That might not sound like much of an advance, or an advantage, until one recalls that prior to Topups247 phone users were restricted by shop opening hours – and , of course, the journey to those shops itself. Travelling to a shop, petrol station or post office to make a phone top up can be a minor inconvenience for most: for someone whose mobility is restricted or completely impaired, it’s an undertaking verging on the impossible. And, as mentioned above, it is these people for whom mobile telephones can be the most important.

With the Topups247 site, a customer who wants to make an Orange top up, a T Mobile top up, a 3 top up or an O2 top up, simply logs on, sends a request, and waits for a top up “voucher” to be sent via SMS to their handset.

The voucher is then used like any normal top up voucher: a customer for an Orange top up follows the usual Orange instructions; a customer for a T Mobile top up follows T Mobile instructions, and so on. The only difference is that the customer hasn’t had to leave the house. For a customer who can’t leave his or her house, as service like this amounts to a levelled playing field.

Topups247 has realised that there’s a whole untapped market out there – a market that normal routes for making a 3 top up or an O2 top up simply aren’t serving. It’s a realisation that ought to prove immensely profitable for the online top up company. It’s also a realisation that is already proving even more profitable to the people that the “mobile” companies forgot. With Topups247’s new service, those people who really need a working telephone are guaranteed to have one at all times.

Topups247 is a secure mobile top ups website that send top-up vouchers for all main mobile suppliers, straight to a customer’s phone.

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