Just Published: The People Held Hostage - A Political Essay that Contains an Appraisal of "The Peoples" Penchant to Let Down Their Guard

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Newly Released - The People Held Hostage is a political exposé which will shock every American. It is a logical and persuasive argument that illustrates the confusion of our times and most importantly, with no small sense of blame, it proposes how to solve it… instantly. Every American who questions why we are... where we are… must read this before they vote on November 4th. It is a free download from http://www.spinfreepolitics.com.

This exposé documents the natural propensity of a society that allows apathy to flourish and dependency to consume it.

A new political exposé entitled 'The People Held Hostage' offers a nine (9) point plan, a series of common sense suggestions, as to what Americans can do to stop the shenanigans of the business as usual crowd in Washington, D.C. It was written by an American by the name of Don Snyder, who is fed up with the how Americans have become apathetic to an ever more intrusive form of government.

It is an appraisal of The People's penchant to let their guard down, an exchange of ideas on moral will and a painful representation of our abject servility. While accusatory, it puts forth a plan for common sense reform. Most important… it proposes what Americans want… quick results.

The objective is to level the playing field between the rich and the poor, the politician and the citizen, and the press and the public. The essay puts forward common-sense grass-roots reform by pointing out how The People have been duped against their best interest. Many people have an almost blind faith that government will protect their rights and those who suggest otherwise are given little credence.

Will Americans keep our capitalist system, which they have bragged and paraded before the world for the past two hundred years, or will they give way to a new form of socialistic society all because they have hit a speed bump? America is desperately trying to move past the Bush presidency because, without question, the strength of America's "national conscience" has been compromised. On the other hand, it is no reason to go off the deep end, throwing away the ideological values of America just to get away from the problem. "This exposé documents the natural propensity of a society that allows apathy to flourish and dependency to consume it."

There is a current of unrest amongst The People, many of whom feel frustration from the traditional political shenanigans of the politicians. The rational opposition in this country is so fractured that it scarcely concerns the powerful it opposes. In many cases, once the shenanigans are uncovered, they have already diverted a disproportionate share of the fiscal potluck. Think Wall Street, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Our government is gradually (but surely) being milked, by a less-democratic faction.

Even further, the long-established means of being heard is being drowned-out in the clamor, by the self-righteous me-me-me refrain of special interests. Special interest groups are as life threatening to society as cancer itself.

It explains to Americans precisely when our privileges were revoked, but most importantly, how they can demand and get them back… almost instantly. The purpose is to divulge what the powerful and wealthy in America don't want Americans to know.

Wake up Americans before you are bamboozled. Nancy Pelosi is predicting big gains in the House and Senate, Barack Obama is assembling his dream team, and the mainstream media has already called-the-game" and gone out to celebrate… Just a minute… Not so fast… This document paints a clear picture… one which Barack Obama does not.

For additional information or for free download visit http://www.spinfreepolitics.com


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