OBGYN Specialist Daniel P. McDonald, MD, Encourages Patients to be Honest about their Health

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Women often visit their OB/GYNs annually and, as a result, entrust a great deal of confidence into their doctors' capabilities. Although OBGYN specialist Daniel P. McDonald, MD, cites regular visits to OB/GYNs as a core component of great health, he reminds patients that their doctors can only treat them accurately if they have the right information.

Most women visit their OB/GYNs annually, which may be more than they visit other doctors. For this reason, a recent Huffington Post article reinforces the five key pieces of information that women should provide to their OB/GYNs. OBGYN specialist Daniel P. McDonald, MD, is urging his patients to be honest and forthcoming with information that may affect their healthcare needs.

According to the aforementioned article, there are five key pieces of information that women need to share with healthcare professionals. These include: sexual history, medication history, plans regarding future pregnancy, past occurrences of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), and abnormal symptoms.

Dr. McDonald concedes that these are not the most comfortable topics to discuss; however, he reinforces the fact that they are important in ensuring that women receive the proper healthcare. Not only can full disclosure in these areas assist in diagnostic activities, it will help doctors create a treatment plan that will not interfere with medication, family planning, etc.

"It is very important for women to tell their doctor about all medications they're on, including vitamins, supplements, and all over the counter medicines, such as aspirin," commented OBGYN specialist Daniel P. McDonald, MD. "Over the counter medications and supplements can interact in a dangerous way with prescription medications. Additionally, if patients are planning on becoming pregnant, there are certain supplements and vitamin doses that should be avoided."

The previously cited article asserts that, although these subjects are deeply personal, they are imperative for a thorough examination. Discussing sexual history can assist doctors in pinpointing any possible sexually transmitted diseases. Giving a full medication history can help healthcare professionals choose treatment options that will not interfere with other prescriptions. Likewise, it can help them avoid medications that have not worked in the past, creating a more effective treatment plan.

HPV is a virus that can cause complications with pregnancy, due to the effects of some treatments. Likewise, it can evolve into more severe health issues and healthcare professionals may want to perform pap smears more regularly. Furthermore, abnormal symptoms can indicate a variety of issues, ranging from sexually transmitted diseases to infection.

Because these five pieces of information are important in determining a proper healthcare plan, Dr. McDonald and other healthcare professionals are urging women to be open with their OB/GYNs regarding these details.


OBGYN specialist Daniel P. McDonald, MD, and OBGYN specialist Marc A. Wilson, MD, run OB/GYN Specialists. A pro-life medical facility, this healthcare office is located in Denton, Texas. The services that these doctors provide are focused on the prevention of loss of life, the health of mothers and their children, and the needs of individual patients.

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