OBGYN Specialist Marc A. Wilson, MD, Speaks Out About NewsOk.com Report on Moral Rights

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NewsOk.com has reported on President Obama’s HHS mandate, which has caused controversy across party lines. OBGYN specialist Marc A. Wilson ardently opposes this mandate, citing the right of religious organizations to refrain from offering employee benefits that conflict with their beliefs.

NewsOk.com reports that President Obama’s remark about the success of religious organizations has undermined his efforts to support the controversial HHS mandate. This mandate would require all employers to provide contraceptives to their employees—an action that is in direct conflict with the beliefs of many religious organizations. Penned by Joel Gehrke, this article sheds light on the fact that, despite their contributions to society, religious organizations are not necessarily recognized as they think they should be. OBGYN specialist Marc A. Wilson, MD, speaks out against the HHS mandate, citing religious intolerance as a primary reason to oppose it.

Gehrke records President Obama’s key admission as being, “I’ve seen firsthand some of the outstanding work that you are doing in your respective communities, and it’s an incredible expression of your faith.” He cites that the President later spoke at length about the significance of Easter, of Jesus Christ, and of the crucifixion. Although these statements were not made in connection with policy, they are seen by some as in direct opposition with the contraception mandate. The argument is that, if religious organizations are so faithful and effective in their work, why force them to compromise their beliefs?

Although President Obama has allowed churches to refrain from complying with the HHS mandate, according to Gehrke, he has not exempted organizations that are merely affiliated with religious beliefs. Additionally, many have an issue with the narrow definition of “religious activity” by which the government abides.

For many, including OBGYN specialist Marc A. Wilson, MD, religious affiliation is as strong an argument against the mandate as any. He and other individuals who oppose the legislation believe that an organization’s moral values do not have to be defined by religious organizations, that religiously-affiliated organizations have rights, too. Such individuals, as Dr. Wilson describes below, are staunchly opposed to compromising their beliefs in an attempt to keep their organizations running.    

"I strongly believe that the government bureaucracy should not be in the business of telling religious organizations that they MUST provide services to their employees that the organizations are fundamentally opposed to,” commented OBGYN specialist Marc A. Wilson, MD. “As a medical director for a crisis pregnancy center, I see the incredible and powerful life changing impact their ministry has on so many women; organizations like this would close rather than compromise their immutable beliefs. I support these wonderful caring organizations, and ardently oppose big government's intrusion into their very necessary and invaluable service to women."    


OBGYN specialist Marc A. Wilson, MD, and his fellow OBGYN specialist Daniel P. McDonald, MD, spearhead OB/GYN Specialists in Denton, Texas. This healthcare facility is unique in that it is a pro-life establishment that strives to prevent the loss of life.

For more information about OBGYN specialist Marc A. Wilson, MD, and his partner Daniel P. McDonald, MD, visit http://www.pro-lifeobgyn.com.

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