Hunters, Here is Something to be Thankful for – Goes Mobile - Peak Hunting Times, Interactive Map and More from your Mobile Phone

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Black Friday Decision...Should Hunters be Hunting Bargains at the Stores or Hunting Deer in the Woods? Hunters can now get everything they could from the Website formatted for their Mobile Phone while in the fields, woods, mountains or even the stores. The mobile web version delivers Weather, Peak Hunting Times and more to help hunters get the information they need when they need it most, while hunting!

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Getting the Website formatted for Mobile Phones was a top priority for us and we did it just in time! Now Hunters can get information and enter observations when they happen, in real time!

Peak Hunting Times is a major feature of Founder Duane Keenan, states, “No other website provides the Peak Hunting/Peak Feeding Times for a hunter’s exact location. Many sites provide the general times that cover all four time zones in North America, but we provide it to hunters for the exact location they need it for.”

We asked Duane Keenan why they decided to develop the Mobile Web Version initially instead of delivering a Mobile Application. “Mobile Applications are very important for smart phones, but not everyone has a smart phone. Delivering the Website formatted for Mobile Browsers allows us to reach anyone with a phone that has Web Access. It also gives us the ability to deliver a single solution for all of the mobile phone operating systems.” Duane further explained that they will be working on Mobile Applications, but didn’t want to miss out on the ability to deliver for this hunting season. After hearing his explanation, we have to agree that delivering for Mobile Web does reach everyone and doesn’t exclude anyone who has any of the various mobile phone operating systems.

Duane Keenan explained that many websites today charge hunters for the peak hunting times, while that might have been fine in the old days there is no reason to pay anyone for that information and proceeded to explain what “Peak Hunting Times” were.

“Peak Hunting Times, also referred to as Peak Feeding Times, ’ are based on four periods of the day: when the moon is just starting to rise over the horizon, when the moon is directly overhead, when the moon is just setting below the horizon, and when the moon is directly underfoot, all in relation to an exact location.”

Inclosing Duane Keenan had this to say, “We don’t predict the best times to hunt. We help hunters gather the raw data and let hunters decide what data they are most interested in, so that hunters can make their own decisions and predictions.”

Here is the raw data that Duane is referring to: six lunar variables (moonrise, moonset, moon transit, moon underfoot, moon phase, moon age), four solar variables (sunrise, sunset, sun transit, photo period), and six weather variables (current temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, forecast, wind, conditions). allows a hunter to get that information in less than five seconds. calculates the information for the hunter’s exact location, and can even calculate for days in the past or in the future.

Hunters have their phones with them and now the mobile web version makes their Smart Phones even Smarter. Yet another valuable weapon in a hunter’s arsenal.
Go to now to get started!

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