OcuCue's Visual Analytic Monitoring Replaces Dashboards

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This first-of-its-kind customizable software solution is now available. Introducing Ocucue...bringing the very best visual analytics to the IP Networking arena. At the forefront of visual analytics, Ocucue's icons deliver an approach to data comprehension that enables the human eye to quickly scan detailed information to extract status, relationships and trends, all with little or no training.

Could dashboards soon be a thing of the past? OcuCue LLC thinks so. The purpose of an IP Network Monitoring solution is straightforward – to provide the detailed, current status of the devices or systems being tracked. So why are dashboards on their way out if they are so widely used?

Dashboards present information in two broad ways. First, some of the data presented is amalgamated, or averaged. To get to the details of aberrant performance, the user must click repeatedly to access detailed information. This is know as “drilling down” and the user might need to drill down through several layers in order to discover the culprit device that was skewing the averaged summary statistic on the dashboard.

The second way many dashboards present data is by visual status – most often using the stop lights colors of red, yellow and green to signal status. Once again, the details are missing and the user must drill down to uncover the underlying issues.

Consider this…it is no surprise that over the past 25 years the Internet has drastically changed the foundation of how companies do business. Yet, it is astounding to find out that network monitoring has not changed much during those 25 years. That means even the most advanced companies are still tracking the status of their devices and system capabilities the same way they did during the 1980’s. Until now, that is.

After 25 years of dashboards, OcuCue believes new, visual analytic methods using icons offer substantial improvements. So what exactly is an icon? It’s a visual compilation that communicates the status of a device or capability. In the IP Networking space, icons feature the device or capability in the center, surrounded by the visual components that influence its status. The status of each component is conveyed through colors that communicate the condition of the device or capability, and are updated as often as every 30 seconds.

Click here for a short video demonstration of the anatomy of an icon: http://ocucue.com/visualanalytic-video.html.

As the sales agency for VisualCue Technologies’ solution in the IP networking space and an accredited MSP Alliance vendor, OcuCue provides this new network monitoring system based on visual analytics. OcuCue delivers an approach to data comprehension that enables the human eye to quickly scan detailed information to extract status, relationships and trends, all with little or no training.

Since network monitoring needs vary, not only by industry, but also by company, an ‘off the shelf’ monitoring system is obsolete and ineffective. OcuCue’s customized network monitoring solutions are designed to address companies’ specific monitoring needs. Since the icons are customized, the company sets the parameters of what data and systems to monitor – there are no canned reports or queries for which analysts have to settle. The customizable icon changes as status changes, and enables engineers to resolve system issues in a much more timely manner. It speeds up work processes, and is a powerful, affordable IT management software solution.

For more information regarding OcuCue’s visual analytic network monitoring solution from VisualCue Technologies LLC, visit http://www.ocucue.com or call 1.888.9OcuCue.

About OcuCue LLC:
OcuCue LLC is the leading provider to the global IP Networking arena of visual analytics solutions from VisualCue Technologies LLC. OcuCue is a privately held Florida corporation based in Vero Beach, FL. VisualCue Technologies LLC is primarily a technology development organization and an innovative visionary to business process management and business intelligence markets. It is a privately held Florida corporation. Follow OcuCue on Facebook, or visit their website at http://www.ocucue.com.


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