Atlanta Office Cleaners Use Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Supplies for the Health of Your Office

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Atlanta office cleaning with Clean-Guard, Inc,is cleaning with respect to the environment and to worker health and wellness. Clean-Guard, Inc. uses environmentally friendly PortionPac cleaning supplies to eliminate waste, lessen environmental damage, and greatly reduce exposure to toxic chemicals

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sustainability because we know caring about people and protecting the planet leads to prosperous communities and strong economics.

Plastic bottles and chemicals litter the shelves of a janitor's closet. Once the chemical is gone, a plastic bottle goes into the trash. If there is excess chemical cleaner left, it goes into the trash or down the drain. They find themselves in landfills and rivers, polluting everything they come in contact with.

PortionPac offers a solution to this problem, and in Atlanta office cleaning is getting with the program. So, what exactly is PortionPac, and how is it environmentally friendly and healthy for the office?

1. Packaging- Each system uses minimal packaging materials. Highly concentrated formulas are packed into sleeves and ready to be added to the reusable bottle. Think about how many bottles of window cleaner, bathroom cleaner and other plastic bottles each office throws away. This way, only a small bit of garbage goes out into the environment.

2. Concentrated formulas- By making the cleaning solution at a concentration of 10 times the normal cleaner, it makes a more efficient cleaner by needing to use less. The formula is pre-measured so that only what is needed is made so there are not a lot of chemicals lying around to spill or contaminate the air. The concentrated formula is also healthy for a businesses bottom line because fewer products and less of them are needed to get the job done.

3. Easy to use system- For each PortionPac system, a color is assigned to the product and specific instructions are listed for easy mixing and use. The red-yellow-green PortionPac product system encompasses everything needed to clean an office. Red is a germicidal detergent for bathroom fixtures, floors and walls. Yellow is a floor cleaner. Green is a heavy-duty multi-purpose cleaner.

PortionPac is the brainchild of chemist, Syd Weisberg. He co-founded the company in 1964 with a philosophy of being environmentally friendly while being profitable. PortionPac believes in "sustainability because we know caring about people and protecting the planet leads to prosperous communities and strong economics." Weisberg was ahead of his time in this area, having recognized the amount of excess and waste put into the environment back in the 50s. That was long before "green" became a buzzword, recycling was hip and hybrid cars were mere science fiction.

Being environmentally conscious and using sustainable products are practices gaining popularity in the business world. In Atlanta, office cleaning service, Clean-Guard, Inc. believes that everyone must do their part to keep the planet clean and cleaning supplies are huge contributors to landfills and water pollution. Customers like to do business with environmentally conscious businesses also. It makes them feel like they are doing their part for the environment as well.

If you are looking for a new janitorial service, Atlanta based company, Clean-Guard, Inc. is implementing the PortionPac system. Create a healthy environment for employees and protect the planet at the same time by making sure PortionPac is being used in your office.


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