2013 is the year the 'Ombre Hair Trend' will become the definitive look, as more and more women try Decolour Ombre kits at home

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With the continued explosion of the Ombre hair trend set to further ignite in 2013, Scott Cornwall demonstrates the next phase of this incredible look and how sharing techniques and endorsing the right products allows women to achieve the style at home.

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We knew the kits would be successful, but had no idea so many people (from all over the world) would purchase to such degrees

For a trend that appeared to start out as a boycott on regularly addressing ones roots, Ombre is looking set to become one of the defining ‘hair looks’ of 2013.

This look embodies a hair fashion decade that is moving away from heavy use of permanent colour (as seen in the Noughties) and into a playing field of naturalist shades and signature hair styling.

Ombre started life as a technique in Hollywood salons in the 1970’s, but was eclipsed in popularity by highlighting and full head colour methods. However, Sarah Jessica Parker boldly sported the look again in the final episodes of ‘Sex and the City’ in 2004 and at the time was maligned for appearing to neglect her six weekly salon appointments. However, the Ombre look subsequently became a slow burn which ignited over the past two years. Hair Expert Scott Cornwall explains why:-

“We have come out of a decade where people truly overloaded on hair colour, so much so that many just wanted to give their hair a rest Ombre is an incredibly low maintenance colour effect. More importantly, there are less issues with the colour technique clashing with skin tone and personal colouring as the hair around the face is the natural shade, which (by default) always suits. Therefore, people tend to feel comfortable with the result”

With L’Oreal introducing an ‘Ombre Kit’ into the home market,The Scott Cornwall endorsed brand ‘Decolour Ombre’ was perhaps the first to see this opportunity and in mid 2012 began offering Ombre hungry consumers the chance to buy a full (at home kit) via http://www.decolourremover.com. In addition, he devised a simple application method of dividing the hair into ponytails to enable an even and gradual lightening effect.

The ‘Ombre’ home kits have proved an enormous success and Scott explains how it has been difficult to keep up with demand:-
“We knew the kits would be successful, but had no idea so many people (from all over the world) would purchase to such degrees. One of the most important factors about the kits has been the inclusion of ‘Colour Restore’ as the after lightener toner step. People will often find Ombre hair will appear rusty or brassy and the Colour Restore cool shades stop this, whilst the red variant has become massively popular for dip dye effects’.

The big question now is if Ombre will become a ‘flash in the pan’ colour trend, or is it here to stay for the foreseeable future. Scott concludes:-

“Some hair looks become too mainstream to vanish quickly and Ombre is only at the beginning of its fashion evolution. Similar to how people loved straightening in the Noughties, Ombre is a trend that is low maintenance, effective and forgiving on most hair types.Ombre home kits have also proven to me this is a technique that people can easily undertake at home – this is incredibly important. Dip Dying (which is an Ombre foundation with a brighter shade overlaid afterwards) is also going from strength to strength. As 2013 continues we will see a much stronger consumer display of naturalist and Earth Tones in hair. My big prediction for Ombre in 2013 is the advent of ‘Over Ombre’ which is similar to dip dying. However, rather than opting for vibrant shades the hair is treated (after Ombre lightening) with a semi or permanent colourant, which is perhaps two shades lighter than the natural colour. What this achieves is the appearance of a gradual fading of the natural shade (from roots to ends) without the harder mid-length boarders seen with traditional Ombre and Dip Dying effects. Therefore ‘Over Ombre’ gives a perfect platform to display the ‘Earth Tone’ hair look currently growing in popularity “

Decolour Ombre Kits are available with £10off from http://www.decolourremover.com you can find Scott Cornwall online by visiting ‘Scott Cornwall Hair Expert’ on Facebook.

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