Omnitrol Networks Selected by Firstlight Foods and TRiDENT RFID to Integrate RFID Tracking and Traceability in Meat Processing Plants

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Operational intelligence software provider collaborates with global RFID technology supplier to deploy track and trace solution in meat processing sector

Firstlight Foods

"With reliable real-time tracking data, Firstlight will be able to improve their processes, reduce product damage, and automatically generate electronic records for pedigree compliancy in their meat production plants", D’Arcy Quinn, Chairman TRiDENT RFID

Omnitrol Networks, a pioneer in global track and trace solutions, announced today that it has partnered with TRiDENT RFID to supply an RFID based solution to Firstlight Foods to automatically capture complete pedigree and track venison processing in real-time. TRiDENT RFID is a leader in integrating RFID technology in the fresh produce sector, overcoming well known barriers associated with using UHF RFID technology to track high water content products like meat and produce. The solution will enable Firstlight Foods to automatically track venison and beef production and to accurately generate electronic meat pedigree records enabling field-to-fork traceability.

D’Arcy Quinn, Chairman of TRiDENT RFID stated that "Omnitrol's versatile and distributed real-time global track and trace architecture, together with TRiDENT's dual-mode RFID readers, provide an innovative solution to overcome the issues with using UHF RFID to track meat and fresh produce. We have successfully worked with Omnitrol in the past in delivering food traceability, so when Firstlight Foods called on us for meat traceability, we knew Omnitrol would have an answer. The OMNITROL platform is the industry’s most versatile solution and the easiest to deploy and scale with RFID readers at the Firstlight site. With reliable real-time tracking data, Firstlight will be able to improve their processes, reduce product damage, and automatically generate electronic records for pedigree compliancy in their meat production plants.”

Omnitrol has pioneered solutions enabling real-time manufacturing visibility and item-level tracking in food, meat and beverage traceability across global supply chains. “We are very pleased to partner with TRiDENT in the delivery of end-to-end meat traceability that is one of the biggest challenges facing the global distribution of meat products”, said Raj Saksena, President & CEO of Omnitrol Networks, “Our joint solution provides complete visibility into manufacturing processes, product traceability and proactive management of meat safety for Firstlight Foods.”

About Omnitrol Networks
Omnitrol Networks is a leading provider of distributed software solutions that automate business insight within physical operations. Partners and customers have successfully deployed process-centric business intelligence solutions based on the OMNITROL platform to achieve substantial improvements in operational efficiency, employee productivity, and sales growth. Examples of real-time solutions include manufacturing visibility, supplier production collaboration, and global asset tracking and product traceability. OMNITROL-based solutions automate real-time visibility in operations by capturing and analyzing events from digital and analog sensors, RFID and wireless location-based sensors, and existing production control systems. Omnitrol Networks is a privately held company with its corporate headquarters in Santa Clara, California, USA. Additional information about Omnitrol Networks' products and services is available at

About Firstlight Foods Limited
The first to see the light of every new day, New Zealand is the natural home to fresh ideas on food. Firstlight captures these innovative qualities in niche products to delight palates around the world. Firstlight’s seamless process takes sustainably farmed products from New Zealand’s green pastures, through strictly controlled production and transportation to the world’s discerning restaurants and retailers. We believe in strict animal welfare standards and minimising the environmental impact of farming practices behind the products we give the Firstlight brand. The Firstlight Venison Producer Group focuses 100% on growing their venison to ensure a high quality meat product. We proudly promise to deliver a mild, tender eating experience on a consistent basis. Firstlight Foods is the only New Zealand company with Wagyu genetics, and a 12 year history of giving a Japanese cattle breed a New Zealand accent.

TRiDENT RFID is a specialized industrial RFID solutions provider focused on delivering solutions to the Primary Produce sector – an environment where RFID technologies usually fail. TRiDENT combines the expertise of vastly experienced RF engineers to deliver RFID solutions that work for our customers without them having to dramatically re-engineer their processes. Our solutions are the result of many years of work in extremely demanding environments solving unique and challenging problems - especially in tracking Returnable Transport Items (RTI’s). TRiDENT has been able to solve the most challenging data capture problems for farmers, meat processors and other downstream processors for sheep, deer, cattle, fish and fresh produce. TRiDENT technology excels where other technologies underperform, simultaneously capturing data on multiple items - animals, people or crates of fresh produce - passing a single read point in virtually any orientation. Every hour of every day customers across the globe rely on our unique solutions and industry leading identification performance. For information please contact phil.mossman(at)tridentrfid(dot)com


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