Introducing a Powerful Online Fitness Program Using Weight Loss Tracker Solutions to Help Members Achieve Fitness Goals and Maintain a Healthy Weight

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Try a new online fitness program with powerful tools for weight loss. The Vfit online fitness program has couch potatoes as well as fitness experts in a sweat frenzy.

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VFIT Online Fitness Community

At Home Fitness Programs Use Powerful Tools To Help Their Members Shed Excess Fat.

The Internet is typically not a boon to anyone’s fitness, being one of the biggest reasons, after television watching, for a more sedentary lifestyle. But Vfit Online Fitness Programs is using the Internet instead to create powerful tools to help its members with weight loss, getting fit and maintaining their health.

Through its online fitness program, called Vfit, Fitness Works is using the Internet to help its members stay on track with their fitness goals. The popular fitness club introduced Vfit to its members in 2010.

“With Vfit, our members have the experience of being at the club in their own homes with the services offered via the Internet,” says Fitness Works Gym in Chandler. “They get messages from their Online Fitness Coaches, alerts about their diet and motivational messages that keep them working out. It introduces an accountability that they might not otherwise have.”

Members have access to exercise videos, healthy recipes, a food tracker, and a calorie counter. Members receive live coaching calls from their experts every week, and have access to coaching motivational calls from experts.

Members might choose online fitness training because getting to the club is too far from their home to conveniently get to daily, or they want to work with a specific trainer who might not be at the club closest to them. Online training also might be an option for someone who feels self-conscious about working out in front of a throng of strangers, for those who are just more private or those who travel often but want to stay on track with their fitness.

The videos present a wide variety of exercises, both those that require some equipment and those that don’t.

Members begin their online fitness training by getting clear on their goals. Is it simply weight loss or is it shifting to a healthy diet? Is it to gain muscle or to increase stamina? Vfit helps members identify their goals, and then fine tunes the training and meals that will get them to those goals.

“One of the best parts of online fitness training is that members are educated on how to most effectively perform exercises, which is something they might not get even in the club to that level of detail,” says Phil C. of Vfit. Members also are educated around food choices, and why one food choice might be better for them than another.

While computers and the Internet can help people with weight loss or fitness goals, there is one thing all that technology can’t do.

“It can’t do the work for you,” says Rob W. of Vfit. “To get the most out of online fitness training you have to stay on your program and exercise fully, not give it less effort because you’re not in the club. It still takes sweat to reach your goals.”

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