Google Adwords Offers Enhanced Quality Score Feedback

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The Google Adwords advertising system, described by David Twigg of Online Marketing Consultants Pty Ltd as "the most sophisticated advertising platform in the world" continues to evolve with a new insight into how the major metric of Quality Score is calculated.

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Yet Another Advancement in The World's Most Sophisticated Advertising Platform

Google launched this week an upgraded insight into how they rank adwords adverts which they outline here. Ranking refers to where in the pecking order, an ad will be shown, bearing in mind the top two or three slots get considerably more clicks than those slots at the side of the Search Engine Results Pages in positions 4 -11 (a study by The Search Engine Journal suggested the difference was between 300 and 400%). Google Adwords experts have known for a long time that managing quality score is a major factor in managing a successful campaign (according to Google Quality Score is really the only metric because it incorporates all other metrics).

The new change revolves around identifying to the adwords advertiser where the scope lies in Quality score improvement. By laying the cursor over the speech bubble under the status column of the keywords tab, a breakdown of the three key metrics that make up quality score is given. Those three key metrics being “Expected Click Through Rate”, “Ad Relevance” and “Landing Page experience”. A below average reading for any of the three metrics is a red flag that Google feel that particular element of the adwords campaign is the main scope for improved quality score.

“Of course to imply this is an exact science would be wrong, there is a lot of grey area where testing and experience will allow progress but it is yet another advancement in the world's most sophisticated advertising platform. Sophisticated in it's targeting and in it's analytical feedback to allow improved results.” points out Online marketing specialist, David Twigg he says “Business has been crying out for decades for an advertising platform that genuinely provides feedback of marketing campaigns and adwords is evolving into such a platform. TV, radio and newspaper advertising has been leveraging telephone call tracking for a while and that is certainly an advance to gain some metrics on marketing campaigns but the granular feedback Adwords is now offering gives the advertiser a far stronger insight into their campaigns.”

Last week the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PriceWaterhouseCoopers reported Online ad sales in the USA in 2011 to be $31.74 billion compared to $26.04 billion in 2010. The most significant increase in online advertising spend was with mobile phone advertising which increased by 150% year on year. On mobile advertising Twigg says "Location based marketing has really unlocked the potential for serving targeted ads on iphones, this is likely to increase over the next year as that relationship evolves further. Strangely other web friendly smart phones don't seem to be getting the same level of online ad traction as the iphone."

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OMC as part of their Online Marketing Services manage Google Adwords Advertising for clients all over the world. If you would like to see a detailed piece on the 3 adwords metrics discussed here, ie “Expected Click Through Rate”, “Ad Relevance” and “Landing Page experience” then please read Maximising Quality Score With Google Adwords by clicking the link.

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