Online Surveys are Helping College Students to Earn Extra Cash This Fall

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Online surveys are now helping college students to earn extra cash this fall according to the College Cash for Surveys system website. Thousands of companies are now paying out hefty sums of money and helping college students to earn extra money completing online surveys while away at college.

Online Surveys Jobs
The average survey completed online can earn someone between $5 and $25 for less than a half hour of work.

Online surveys are now one way that companies are collecting useful data about products or services. The market research industry started implementing online surveys just five years ago and these surveys are now being used to help some college students earn extra cash. One website, College Cash for Surveys, is providing a unique college employment opportunity for students that want to use their skills completing simple online surveys to earn money for their time. This data is extremely useful to top corporations and startup companies in the U.S. and in foreign countries. A college student that is interested in completing online surveys can go here to apply discretely online.

The collection of pre and post sales data is not a new concept in the marketing world. Data collection practices have been used for decades in an effort for companies to obtain valuable information about the success or failure of products or services. The expansion of the Internet has brought forth the worldwide popularity in conducting online surveys to collect information that was usually obtained through postal mailings and telemarketing phone calls. One reason for the surge in online survey creation is the relatively low cost to companies compared with the fines and fees now imposed for unwanted telemarketing calls to consumers that are part of the national Do Not Call list.

The College Cash for Surveys system includes a database of thousands of U.S. and foreign companies that are searching for college aged adults to provide useful feedback. The companies that offer payment in exchange for completing surveys range from top U.S. companies down to brand new entrepreneurs that are requesting honest reviews from target demographics. The average survey completed online can earn someone between $5 and $25 for less than a half hour of work according to survey estimate data. As companies across the U.S. brace for more uncertain economic data, a hiring freeze has become a reality for many college students that apply for jobs in retail, public service and restaurants that have been hit by consumers spending less money each year.

The type of surveys that are available online range from simple product reviews to full-blown honest testimonials. Current Federal Trade Commission laws prevent companies from paying for dishonest reviews that are published to consumers to help generate sales. Independent filmmakers, startup websites and clothing companies are just a small sample of the type of surveys that a college student can encounter during a search of the College Cash for Surveys system. The website is updated regularly with new survey postings and payments are distributed weekly, bi-weekly and monthly depending on the type of payment distribution that someone prefers.

More information can be obtained about the signup process or the wide range of surveys that are now available at the College Cash for Surveys website.

About College Cash for Surveys

The College Cash for Surveys website is one company that is helping to conduct market research studies online. Through a unique online employment system, the electronic surveys are offered by companies that pay a set amount upon completion and acceptance of survey data. The types of online surveys vary from day to day and as business trends change. The College Cash for Surveys website accepts survey applications from college students, unemployed workers and others searching for a source of passive monthly income.

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