Growing Online Traffic, Using Google Tools, Building Online Relationships and Social Media 411 are Explained in a Webinar Presented by Shweiki Media Printing Company

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While great content is important, it does a business absolutely no good to push it out without a strong internet presence and a large, targeted audience. Here Shweiki Media joins forces with Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute to present businesses with a webinar detailing strategies for leveraging content to assist in growing their audience, increasing their network and building a stronger internet presence.

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Google Alerts is a great tool to determine what the hot topics in an industry are and what thought leaders are talking about.

For every six items of content a business share, one piece should be its own created content, one should be a promotional coupon, webinar, or newsletter, and four items should be shared from other influencers...

Here Shweiki Media Printing Company joins forces with Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute and co-author of Get Content Get Customers, to present a webinar explaining how businesses can leverage their content to grow an audience and build a stronger internet presence. Content leadership can be attributed to doing two things well: listening to market influencers and building relationships by sharing and interlocking content. In this webinar, Shweiki and Joe Pulizzi explain how.

Finding your market influencers:

How to grow online traffic using Google

The first step towards building online traffic is finding out where the influencers (the top online presences in a specific niche) are posting content online. He recommends setting up various Google tools and social media sites as listening points, or sites where one can "listen in on" and find chatter about a business’s particular niche, or where people searching for information about that niche are finding answers. The Google External tool is the first of multiple Google tools business owners can apply to narrow down keywords on the internet.

If a business owner was, for example using keywords to search for conference centers in Cleveland, Google External would tell the owner what the competition level is like for that keyword (who is buying keywords against those terms) and also how many global searches the keyword has hit in the past month.

Once an owner has organized and cross-examined a list of keywords, the next step would be tracking those keywords with Google Alerts. Google Alerts is a tool that tells owners what Google is indexing and where online. Users can register certain keywords and Google will send them a report (in their Gmail inbox) tracking who is talking about what in their industry. As soon as owners positively identify market leaders, they can start sharing that content on their own blogs and social media sites, thus growing their business’s Google presence as a result.

Finally, a business owner can use Google Insights to compare the usage of terms over time. For example, maybe a user is looking to maximize on the term "concert center," but when they inserted their keyword Google Insights told them that "event spaces" is a more popular term. The owner now has the choice to maximize his presence by switching the use of the term “concert centers” to “event spaces” on all fronts.

Building Relationships

Once a business owner has established which influencers are controlling the market, their next step is to interact with those influencers until a mutual relationship forms. When both parties connect through hashtags and blog links, they forward their content to new users and simultaneously accumulate hits and gain market influence.

Social Media 411

There is also a content growth strategy called Social Media 411. For every six items of content a business share, one piece should be its own created content, one should be a promotional coupon, webinar, or newsletter, and four items should be shared from other influencers. When a business outsources most of its online content and leverages that content by sharing with top influencers, it automatically promotes itself as a top market player.

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