The 10 Biggest Mistakes Men on Online Dating Sites

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The world of romance and courtship will never be the same again. The internet has revolutionized the way people meet, love and interact, but just as in the real world the world of Online Dating has it's own rules, nuances and rituals that all too often Men just have no clue about. This release details the 10 most common mistakes made by men when using online dating sites and communicating with the women on them.

Why haven't your replied !!?!?!!

The world of romance and courtship will never be the same again. The internet has revolutionized the way people meet, love and interact, but just as in the real world the world of Online Dating has it's own rules, nuances and rituals that all too often Men just have no clue about.

Now the author of the Ultimate Online Dating Playbook for Men, and founder of the Playbook Company has compiled a list of the most common mistake men make when trying to attract a mate online.

Men usually give up way too soon in the game when pursuing women online. Quite often if the get no response from a wink, nudge, or whatever ice breaker their particular website may have, they think that their target date is just not interested. More often than not this is not the case. To get anywhere in Online Dating takes persistence. If at first she doesn't reply then email and email again. Women like to be chased and they want to feel like you are making an effort and far too often Men hit the showers far too soon in the game. The reason for this and indeed for many of the errors Men make online is rooted in the second point on our list.

Men quite often are under the impression that the experience they have online is exactly the same to what woman experience online. This just is not the case! Where as men have an altogether quiet time of it in terms of emails, icebreakers and traffic, women do not. Just because Men are able to reply to every email they receive, view everyone who's viewed them, wink back at everyone who has winked at them doesn't mean that it is the same scenario for the girls. In fact for the most part, it is the exact opposite experience. Women are just inundated with a constant barrage from men. Even women with weak profiles receive such a volume of traffic that it is logistically impossible to sort through every single contact. High value women online receive such a high volume of correspondence from willing Men that the biggest hurdle to overcome for any date player is getting the woman's attention in the first place.

Being soppy or overly romantic in an initial contact is a big no no. Emailing your perspective date and telling her that you just read her profile and have fallen in love with her is the ultimate finger down the throat situation for any woman. First of all she most likely gets this kind of email twenty times a day, and no that isn't an exaggeration, from other guys who have no idea what they are doing. So not only is it lame it is also what every other guy sends out so is doubly bad. To make it online you need to stand out and make an impact! Being one of the herd isn't going to get you noticed!

OK a simple but deadly mistake. Never ever refer to any prospective date as any of the following: Babe, sugar lips, love of my life, cutie pie, hun, sweet lips, honey bunch and any other cutie name you can think of. First of all more women hate it than don't and almost no women find it a turn on, so you are safer just not doing it at all and secondly if you think it's lame when you say it out loud, then seeing it written down in black and white somehow increases the cheese factor by 10.

You may think that cutting and pasting your witty and hilarious opening email into every woman's inbox is a time efficient way of scoring online but it isn't. If you actually take time read the profile, find a hook and use it in your email you will increase your chances of a reply significantly. Not only is the email more personable but also it stands out from the mundane and uninteresting correspondence that she gets from the rest of the chumps on the site.

It doesn't. However many emails a woman receives in a day, she will receive twice as many winks, nudges or what ever ice-breaker you may have on your site. Winking does have a role to play in your online strategy but it is very much a minor play.

Rejection is never fun, and when what you feel is the love of your life hasn't written back to you, you can't help feeling slighted. That's when Men write the inevitable, "Why haven't your replied !!?!?!!" email. This is a sure fire, one-way ticket into blocked profile vile if ever there was one. As we mentioned the chances are she just hasn't noticed or even read your message, which is why sites that allow you to know if your email has been read or not are so useful. So avoid any emotional outburst such as this, always play it cool and never burn your bridges, and as rule number one says, never give up!

To get anywhere you need to dedicate a decent amount of time to searching, emailing and corresponding online. Not only do new profiles come on all the time but the more people you contact the more you score, it's as simple as that.

You may well be the greatest lover that has ever lived but bragging about what you like to do in the sack is just creepy so no matter how much you want to come across as, "sexually adventurous" avoid any reference to what you would like to do to her when dancing the horizontal rumba!

Once you have managed to get her to visit your profile it is over to your collection of photos and words to seal the deal and generate a reply. Making sure it sells you in the best possible way is crucial and not as easy as you may think. What you are trying to achieve here is to appeal to as wide an audience as possible in order to be able to cherry pick the best candidates from your replies. Making sure that you portray the right things and evoke the right emotions in your reader is the secret to successful Ultimate Online Dating Playbook for Men and is outlined in great depth and detail in The Ultimate Online Dating Playbook. In it you not only get a step by step outline of how write a winning profile but also a collection of the best approaches, emails, strategies and tactics employed by some of the best Online Daters in the world. With this book it has never been easier or faster to score huge online, with our outstanding online dating advice!

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