Orange County Father Gets Sole Legal and Sole Physical Custody and the Entire Family Estate Confirmed as His Separate Property

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Family law attorney, B. Robert Farzad, of Farzad & Mazarei obtains for a father of three children court orders for sole legal and sole physical custody and the house, cars and accounts confirmed as his sole and separate property.

Orange County Divorce Attorney, B. Robert Farzad

Orange County Divorce Attorney, B. Robert Farzad

It’s hard on any parent to be falsely accused and I am sure there are some out there that surrender to such allegations because they don’t have the will to fight. I was not going to allow that.

Orange County divorce attorney B. Robert Farzad vindicated a father’s custody and property rights in a contentious divorce case.

“This was a hard fought family law case,” Mr. Farzad states. ”The other side went through five lawyers. I was my client’s only attorney. You couldn’t make up the crazy allegations the mother made against my client in this case but, in the end, we prevailed on every issue, as it should have been.”

The divorce case was venued out of Orange County Superior Court, Lamoreaux Justice Center. The case number is kept confidential to protect the privacy of the parties.

The divorce case started with a tough custody battle. The mother on the case made serious allegations of abuse against Mr. Farzad’s client, both child and spousal abuse. She did this to try and obtain sole custody of the three young children. However, Mr. Farzad would not allow the allegations to dissuade his client from doing what was right.

“It’s hard on any parent to be falsely accused and I am sure there are some out there that surrender to such allegations because they don’t have the will to fight,” Mr. Farzad explains. “I was not going to allow that. It’s not our style and I give my client a lot of credit because he had the courage to go forward and defend against the false allegations. He had the will to tell his wife that this was unacceptable and he would not give in to her.”

The custody issues ended with a stipulation and order on the day of the custody trial whereby the wife not only lost custody of the children but her visitation with them had conditions attached to it, including psychiatric counseling.

“I didn’t want to see more allegations from her,” Mr. Farzad states about the order. “We had a psychological evaluator appointed for exactly that reason and he agreed with us. His evaluation showed what our investigation showed...not just that the allegations were false but she would make them again if given the chance.”

Eventually, the property issues also went to trial. A conservator was appointed for the wife. The father’s position was the house, cars and brokerage accounts, which totaled over one million dollars, were his separate property and could be traced to prior to the marriage. The couple was married for over 10 years but the father had kept a paper trail that showed the tracing.

“They wanted half. They weren’t going to get it,” Mr. Farzad states. “My client had a good trail of paper. We hired an expert forensic accountant to testify at trial. I believed we had the facts and law on our side and we were very well prepared at trial.”

At trial, a result similar to the custody case occurred. Mr. Farzad was able to secure all of his client’s separate property rights. “He got the house, cars and all of the accounts,” Mr. Farzad confirms. “We got a result consistent with the law. He paid thirty three thousands dollars to have the over one million dollar estate confirmed to him. His spousal support was just over four hundred dollars per month and payment of that had conditions attached to it before any payment had to be made.”

This divorce case was a good example of perseverance.

“Again, I give the credit to our client,” Mr. Farzad states. “I believe we are excellent litigators but a client has to accept the advice provided and have the courage to do the right thing. He did. That is one reason he got the results he and this case deserved.”

About the firm: Farzad & Mazarei, ALC is a law firm of divorce attorneys, located in Orange County, California. B. Robert Farzad is a partner at the firm. His law practice is limited to family law. He represents husbands and wives in divorce and family law cases.

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