Organic Brands Launches Chemical-Free 100% Pure Organic Cotton Tampon in the United Kingdom for Women

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Organic Brands Limited provides homeless, disadvantaged, and every woman in the United Kingdom with 100 percent organic cotton tampons.

100 percent Organic Cotton Tampons

Organic Cotton tampons, the natural Choice

Organic Brands Limited, based in the United Kingdom and founded by Rene Yocolly, provides 100 percent cotton tampons to women, including homeless and disadvantaged women and refugees.

After assessing the market of female hygiene products, Rene discovered that conventional tampons used by women contained traces of chemicals and pesticides. According to the Women’s Environmental Network, the presence of chemicals and pesticides can lead women to develop diseases like Toxic Shock Syndrome, which affects women who wear tampons made of rayon or a mixture of rayon and cotton. In the United Kingdom, tampon and pad manufacturers are not required by law to list all of the ingredients used to manufacture the sanitary product.

Moreover, the Code of Practice for Tampons indicates that the sanitary products industry regulates and polices itself. Organic Brands Limited also noted that women often complained and suffered from allergic reactions caused by plastics, fragrances, and synthetic ingredients.

In addition to this, the company’s decision to distribute 100 percent organic tampons to women was also due to the environmental impact created by flushing sanitary products down the loo. According to Beachwatch’s survey conducted in 2012, they uncovered 4.5 percent tampons, cotton bud sticks, and the like in the sewage. With women spending around £18,450 during their lifetime on these products, Organics Brands Limited realised the importance of supplying women with a safer alternative than conventional sanitary product to minimise health risks and environmental impact.

According to the founder of the company,, Rene, his motivation for starting Organic Brands Limited was due to an encounter he and his wife had with a homeless woman at a local food bank in London. “I did not realise the need for organic sanitary products was so great amongst homeless and disadvantaged women in the United Kingdom, until I came across Kate. The young woman, who was homeless, asked my wife for a tampon at a local food bank because she could not afford one. She also told us about how existing sanitary products in the market irritated her vaginal tissue and how she couldn’t afford treatment. Instead of providing her with one tampon, we did her one better by giving her three boxes of tampons, but unfortunately, we were unable to find a suitable organic alternative for her. It was at that time I realised the need for 100 percent organic tampons for women in general was an issue that required a solution and it became my vision to supply 100 percent organic tampons to women in search for an alternative solution to conventional tampons.”

Organic Brands Limited’s product, Organic Tampons, does not contain chlorine, dioxin, and perfumes. It is not super absorbent, is hypoallergenic, and uses certified organic cotton. The addition of a special security veil prevents fibres from sticking inside a woman’s vaginal walls and makes the removal of the tampon softer.

The company has pledged 15 percent of their sales in the form of 100 percent organic cotton tampons to be delivered to their partners, food bank charity Trussel Trust and Days for Girls, an international non-profit organisation for girls. Rene continued, “Organic Brands Limited’s long term plan includes launching more organic products in the market for children and the health and beauty industry. In fact, we have launched a campaign on Indiegogo and request people in the UK to fund our mission to make tampons available to homeless and disadvantaged women.”

About the Company
Organic Brands Limited, founded by Rene Yocolly, sells organic tampons in the United Kingdom. The company’s has collaborated with the Trussel Trust and Days for Girls to distribute fifteen percent of their sales in the form of organic tampons to homeless and disadvantaged women in the United Kingdom. The company has also launched a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds to give women in need access to tampons.
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