Recession Causes Shift in Consumer Spending: Home-Resorts & Outdoor Living on the Rise, & E-Commerce Prosper

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While overall consumer spending has declined amid the current global economic recession, people have shifted their spending towards remodeling their current homes instead of spending money on new cars, real estate or traveling. They turn to products such as outdoor kitchens and portable hot tubs to entertain guests in their own "home vacation resorts". Outdoor living components such as outdoor kitchens, built in grills, and portable hot tubs are growing in popularity, but consumers still need to cut costs wherever possible. As a result, and much of the e-commerce industry have become more attractive as they make it easy to shop, compare products and get the best prices on most outdoor living products, such as outdoor kitchens and portable hot tubs., &

I was determined to eliminate all of the middlemen in order to offer every discount hot tub and outdoor kitchens customer the best deals and lowest sales prices on all our outdoor kitchens and portable hot tub sales.

Amidst a period of countless corporations and small business bankruptcies and layoffs,, operators of and, and other e-commerce companies continue to flourish despite the current global economic downturn. With the world watching this last fiscal quarter of 2008 closely for an indication of a brighter future, remains poised to meet the changing trends of consumer spending and behavior in the outdoor living sector.

Between January and September of 2008, the U.S. Bureau of Labor acknowledged over 1.5 million initial claims for unemployment benefits. With job cut numbers as large as these, people are becoming much more money conscious by changing their lifestyle and spending habits. There is a decrease in non-necessity luxury spending, which includes purchases such as traveling & vacations, and a shift towards sustainable, cost-effective spending in outdoor living areas which include outdoor kitchens and portable hot tubs; simultaneously, ecommerce is succeeding better than before because consumers are more eager to find the best deals on products like outdoor kitchens, built in grills and discount hot tubs.

People are hesitant to make big purchases such as a new house or an extended vacation abroad; therefore, they are allocating their money into improving their current living spaces. This shift in spending can be traced to the fact that people are trying to cut back on costs by staying at home, and as a result, more and more people are beginning to entertain in outdoor living spaces rather than going out. With features such as a portable hot tubs and built in grills, outdoor kitchens are the new vacation getaways where entertainment meets relaxation. For this reason, outdoor kitchens, built in grills and portable hot tubs are the hottest trend in the outdoor living and home improvement industry.

The other industry that seems to be resilient to the economic recession is e-commerce. It's no wonder why e-commerce is doing so well when visits to our malls and retail stores is significantly reduced due to the extra costs we acquire at the gas pump and the time it takes away from our busy lives. The Internet is an outlet for the consumer to do extensive research on important areas like discount hot tubs prices and portable hot tub sales from the comfort of their own home. The internet is the ideal place for consumers to research and buy high ticket items like built in grills & portable hot tubs for their outdoor living spaces and to get discount hot tubs prices & outdoor kitchen prices that they can't get at a brick and mortar retail store. CEO, Steve Barbarich, wanted to foster the new outdoor living trend when he made the decision for his company to enter the outdoor kitchens, built in grills, and portable hot tubs sales arena with an effective e-commerce business model for bargain shoppers. Barbarich, acknowledged this high demand for factory direct prices from consumers and explained, "I was determined to eliminate all of the middlemen in order to offer every discount hot tub and outdoor kitchens customer the best deals and lowest sales prices on all our outdoor kitchens and portable hot tub sales."

With discount hot tubs prices and highly trained internal customer sales representatives, Barbarich has created a very effective business model that works well in this global economic downturn. was established for the consumers that want quality, luxury products at factory direct wholesale prices. They offer discount hot tubs prices and affordable outdoor kitchens by selling their products straight from the manufacturer to their customers, thereby eliminating the middlemen. This has proven itself to be very successful during the recession since they carry all the essentials to create the ideal home vacation resort. With a volatile market and uncertainty of the future, there will be decreased consumer spending overall but a higher demand for products that provide continual use and potential future value (e.g. portable hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, built in grills, etc.). Without a doubt, and e-commerce in general will continue to prosper as it captures more of today's bargain hunters who continue to spend yet are becoming increasingly intelligent about their purchases. In fact, ChooseDirect has proven the success of its business model yet again, releasing its new site, Choose Swim Spas Direct, an store that sells high quality Swim Spa Exercise Swimming Spa Pools factory direct online.

About (Choose Hot Tubs & Choose Outdoor & the newly released Choose Swim Spas brings the world high quality products at factory direct pricing. Since this e-commerce online retailer is involved with the product all the way down to the factory level, they cut out many middlemen from the process and are able to offer better prices than the competitors. Choose Hot Tubs prides itself in having a large selection of portable hot tub sales & discount hot tubs prices. With advanced factory coordination, Choose Hot Tubs Direct provides all its customers with highly customized premium portable hot tubs at discount hot tubs prices they can afford. Choose Outdoor, an online retailer of outdoor kitchens, built in grills and many other outdoor kitchen products, also follows the business model and leads the outdoor kitchen industry with high quality products, great customer service, detailed product facts and outdoor kitchen industry information., the latest addition to the ChooseDirect outdoor living network, provides swim spa exercise swimming spas for water exercise, hydrotherapy, aquatic exercise & more. Visit Choose Swim Spas for more information.

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