Dr. Oz and Weight Loss: Reviews Released Today by OverallHealth.org

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Why is Dr. Oz so popular? Evidently, because everything he touches turns to gold. OverallHealth.org releases a review of the Dr. Oz phenomenon, and why it remains viable.

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Audience and fans flock to his advice, and apparently for legitimate reason – his recommendations are seemingly on target.

The name of Dr. Oz is nearly ubiquitous to the American household these days. He probably has more to do with unveiling the weight loss benefits of natural herbs and extracts than any peer group in the health industry. Dr. Oz will regularly pair with cutting-edge experts in niche health and weight loss markets, presenting research and empirical evidence to support the potential effectiveness of the items profiled on his show. Audience and fans flock to his advice, and apparently for legitimate reason – his recommendations are seemingly on target.

For instance, Oz recently hosted cardiologist William Davis, author of Wheat Belly, who claims that today's wheat is addictive and toxic, and now only a distant relative of the wheat our ancestors consumed. Poof! Gluten-free diets mushroom in sales, and the industry is wiser overnight.

Other recent items on the Dr. Oz show were Green Coffee and Raspberries, from which chemical extracts are now being used in supplemental form because of their newly-discovered natural, fat-burning properties. Instantaneously, these supplements are flying off the shelves.

Says Henry Rearden of OverallHealth.org, "Everyone is different, and of course there is no guarantee that any particular item will work for you, individually, just because it works for other people. But since so many people are realizing true weight loss with certain items highlighted on The Dr. Oz Show, there is definitely merit to some of this stuff, whatever the underlying science. In any case, we never recommend any single program or product as a cure-all or an excuse for laziness. It is incumbent on the consumer to use the supplement as an enhancement to an adequate nutritional and fitness regimen".

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