Provillus Review - Bad News: Thin Hair is Unattractive in our Culture

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There's no way around it - our society perceives baldness as a physical defect. What remains for the sufferer is the proper solution. Provillus offers a safe, natural forumula to treat hair loss by affecting the hormones responsible for hair loss. releases a product review.

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The fact is, we're all conscious of hair loss (lending to the popularity of products such as Provillus). As we lean over the bathroom sink and notice a couple stray hairs on the counter, we might feel a shudder from the depths of our innate sense of vanity. I'm not saying we're "vain", but our mane is truly part of how we define ourselves physically. There is now way around it - a balding head is unattractive in a culture which will always value hair as a physical asset! If a man or woman's hair has begun to fall out, the surest way to continue this trend is to do nothing. The hard truth is that if we DO NOTHING about our thinning hair, we will inevitably begin to be seen as less and less attractive. That's the world we live in.

So, what to do? Many will stare in the mirror day after day uttering things like "I gotta do something about it", and they never take action. Even worse, because we look at ourselves every day we tend to appease ourselves (subconsciously) that "it's really not THAT bad", or "not THAT obvious". This is not an objective thought. Maybe we just slap on a hat and get through another day. Sound familiar? (What to do at the pool or beach?) Perhaps a good litmus test would be to imagine someone we find attractive and truly consider what they think when they see our hair. Now, imagine how their perception of our attractiveness might change if we had thicker hair!

Solutions? One might visit a "hair doctor" and get a prescription for dangerous chemicals which might shrink the privates, kill the sex drive, splatter the face with acne, and any other myriad risks and listed side effects.

Or, one might wisely grab a PROVILLUS trial, a hair restoration and loss-prevention product already touted as safe, natural, and effective. What's more, the pharmacist is not going to offer a free trial period, free bonus bottles, or no-hassle refund on their chemicals. Provillus does.

Click here for the Provillus website or HERE for the full review.

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