“Take This Waltz” - Do Marriages Have To Go Stale Like In This New Movie? Relationship Expert Cites New Science That Shows How To Keep A Marriage Alive And Fresh Forever

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Relationship expert, Matt Cook, cites new, exciting science that shows how couples can use the Oxytocin Solution to re-ignite the passion they had when they first met, the so-called "honeymoon period" -- usually the first six months to two years of the relationship. Better sex, better relationships, less arguing and even weight loss can be the result.

Seth Rogen

In "Take This Waltz", relationship expert Matt Cook says that Seth Rogen and his wife can use the Oxytocin Discovery to rescue a stale, boring relationship.

Science has recently discovered that relationships where there is a high level of oxytocin found in the bloodstreams of the couple are happier, more fulfilling, and more intimate.

The new movie “Take This Waltz” stars Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams as a happily married couple who’ve grown bored and complacent in their relationship. It follows their journey with dinners where they don’t talk to surprising new attractions that aren’t unwelcome, but are wholly unexpected.

Matt Cook, noted relationship expert, says that most relationships will go through a stage where things get dull.

“This is because of what we call the mating drive,” Cook says. “The mating drive creates the state of euphoria that allows couples to get together in the first place. It’s what’s commonly referred to as "chemistry" and creates the initial honeymoon period in a relationship."

According to Cook, this honeymoon period only lasts from six months to two years. "After that, the couple will often see each other in a critical light," says Cook, "and this is when arguments, break-ups and lack of intimacy starts to become evident."

"In the movie ‘Take This Waltz’ the characters have gotten past the honeymoon stage of their relationship and have moved into the stage where things are comfortable, but boring," says Cook.

Cook explained that new scientific discoveries are showing that this boring stage can be made a lot less boring if the couple know about the role of Oxytocin, what Cook calls the Oxytocin Discovery.

Cook said that when couples have moved past the honeymoon stage they often miss the closeness and intimacy they once shared and start looking for that intimacy in other places. This sometimes leads to affairs and sometimes to resignation or a feeling of ‘is this all there is’.

Cook said Oxytocin, the so-called hormone of love, can reverse these feelings of boredom and can make the couple feel passionate about each other again.

Cook says, “If the couple in ‘Take This Waltz’ knew about recent scientific discoveries, like the recent ones noted by Dr. Matt French, regarding the role of the brain chemical oxytocin in successful long term relationships they could have easily avoided the boredom and temptation to cheat that is found in this movie. But, that wouldn’t make for good viewing.”

Science has recently discovered that relationships where there is a high level of oxytocin found in the bloodstreams of the couple are happier, more fulfilling, and more intimate.

Matt contends that building oxytocin levels is simple if a couple follows a few easy steps. Cook says that his he and his team have put together 5 simple tips that help couples avoid the boredom that often comes after the honeymoon stage. Cook’s associates have also put together a short video that shows exactly how to put these tips into practice.

“Science is increasingly showing us how to successfully pair bond for life. To never get bored and to maintain a deep love for our partner that never goes away,” Cook said. For more information visit Matt’s website at GetEndlessHoneymoon.org.

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