Midbrook Helps Food Retailers Avoid Waste with the Ozorinse Water Purification System

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Midbrook has developed the Ozorinse System, an easy to use ozone purification system that can extend the shelf life of food and help grocery stores prevent waste and avoid costly disposal of spoiled products.

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Proper rinsing with the Ozorinse System can increase the shelf life of food and minimize exposure to harmful bacteria

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Grocery stores are constantly faced with the problem of waste due to spoiled food products. Recent studies show that grocery stores in the U.S. throw away 6.6 million tons of food per year, costing them $482 million annually. In difficult economic times, that can be a tough number to deal with.

To avoid this cost, many stores use chemical washing systems designed to remove pathogens and bacteria from food, thereby preserving it for a longer time. However, the price of these chemicals means this process is only a partial solution. With this in mind Midbrook has developed the Ozorinse System, designed to make preservation of food cheaper, easier, and more efficient.

The Ozorinse System uses patented VeriPure® Ozone Water Purification in a process that recreates the natural purification power of lightning. The small (11.5”L x 7”W x 5.5”H), easily installed OZORINSE unit converts oxygen to ozone, which seeks out and destroys pathogens and bacteria when mixed with water and applied to a surface, transforming back into oxygen in the process.

Although used for similar purposes, the Ozorinse System has several advantages over other existing purification methods. First, the use of ozone makes Ozorinse all natural and chemical free. No harsh and expensive chemicals are necessary for Ozorinse to effectively purify water and clean food items. In fact, ozone has been shown to eliminate contaminants 3200 times faster than chlorine, a chemical commonly used for such applications.

In addition to its natural properties, the effectiveness of Ozorinse can also help to reduce the liability concerns of foodservice establishments by preventing food borne illness. “Proper rinsing with the Ozorinse System can increase the shelf life of food and minimize exposure to harmful bacteria,” said Ozorinse Product Manager Tammy Vannest. Finally, by utilizing natural processes instead of chemicals, disinfection using ozone helps eliminate offensive odors.

Perhaps the most important benefit of Ozorinse compared to other purification systems is its ability to save the owner money. Because chemicals are not involved in the Ozorinse System, the buyer faces only a onetime cost that is quickly offset by the savings from chemicals that no longer need to be purchased. Also, the effectiveness of ozone as a purification device means that food items will last longer. Ozone destroys bacteria and other contaminants such as mold spores and ethylene gas, leading to an increased shelf life of food products and a reduced amount of shrink. The science behind this idea is simple. “Bacteria cause spoilage, and the Ozorinse System kills bacteria with no chemical residue,” said Vannest.

Ozorinse can help grocery retailers conserve money in other ways as well. Because ozone works best using cold water, the use of cold water disinfection can reduce hot water energy costs. Even with energy costs constantly on the rise, grocery stores will be able to wash large amounts of food products with a smaller long term impact on finances.

The Ozorinse System is also very environmentally friendly. The all natural process combined with lower energy demands leads to a smaller impact on the environment. Ozorinse is efficient as well, with no wasted water or energy. Fortunately, Ozorinse is friendly to people as well as the environment. The use of ozone has been approved as a sanitizer and disinfectant by both the FDA and USDA

For more information on the Ozorinse System, call 1-517-787-3481.


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