Locks and Waterways International, Inc., Asserts its CBLS Solution the Superior Choice for the Planned Expansion of the Panama Canal in 2007

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Locks and Waterways International, Inc., has developed the "CBLS" technology and will strive to replace the current Panama Canal Lock System. The CBLS will allow supertankers and super-container ships to transit the Panama Canal and will double the overall number of daily transits. Additionally, the CBLS system conserves nearly 100% of water during operation. The CBLS will increase overall revenue by approximately $3 Billion to the government of Panama.

Locks and Waterways International, Inc. (LWI), (http://www.locksandwaterways.com) the creators of the “Counter Balanced Lock System” (CBLS) technology are striving to have their solution chosen for the planned expansion of the Panama Canal scheduled to begin in 2007.

The current Panama Canal is limited and outdated in its functional ability and risks Panama losing its competitive edge in the Worldwide shipping arena. At present, the Panama Canal cannot allow supertankers to pass through and it only permits approximately 40 transits per day.

Additionally, 250 Million gallons of fresh water are lost with every four ships that pass through the canal. This loss of fresh water is an environmental disaster, representing more than a Trillion gallons of fresh water lost per year.

Panama loses financially as well, due to the fact that the national hydroelectric plant and the Canal cannot run at full capacity as a result of the decreased water supply.

The CBLS utilizes essentially two equal “chambers” of water resting on metal plates, supported by compressed air and connected by piping which allows for transfer of the compressed air from one chamber to another. It operates by a ship entering the “travel chamber.” Once the chamber gates are closed and secured, the second chamber or the “counter-balanced chamber” accomplishes the desired upward or downward movement of the “travel chamber” by moving in the opposite direction.Its motion is similar to that of a “see-saw.”

The CBLS will provide a multitude of benefits including: nearly 100% water conservation for lock operation, double the amount of transits to nearly 100 per day, and increase revenue for the Panama Canal and government of Panama by approximately $3 Billion, conservatively.

The direct and indirect benefits will be enormous. For example, job creation will be in the thousands directly and tens of thousands indirectly.

Locks and Waterways International, Inc., is seeking assistance from individuals or corporations to get its proposal placed on the national referendum for the Panama Canal Expansion Project. The referendum is scheduled for the last quarter of 2006.

Currently, there is only one proposal being considered and that is a larger version of the outdated system that is in place now. However, that proposal does not address or correct any of the major issues which have been stated previously.

Locks and Waterways International, Inc., with its CBLS technology will provide larger chambers than the current proposal and solve many of the problems which have perplexed engineers for the last 100 years.

Additionally, the CBLS solution will provide countless humanitarian, environmental, and financial benefits for Panama specifically and the World at large. The principals of Locks and Waterways seek to win the endorsement of the Panamanian government and then accept offers from outside construction firms to bid on the project.

Investors, funding sources, construction firms, government contacts and media are urged to explore the Locks and Waterways International website for more information, specifically under the “Panama Canal Project” section and the “Benefits Analysis.” All investment and joint venture proposals will be considered.



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