Ingenious Parachute Dog Drops in to Make Pet Waste Disposal Problems History

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Noted inventor Patricia Nolan-Brown scores again. People love their pooches but they hate the endless hassles involved in collecting and disposing of Fido's messes. Her pet waste pick up product, Parachute Dog, is the clearly superior solution for fixing every single waste woe.

Parachute Dog Waste Bag Kit

Parachute Dog is the result of observing people cleaning up after their dogs and addressing all the problems I've seen them encounter

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Parachute Dog ( ), a new dog waste collection and disposal product sprung from the inventive mind of Patricia Nolan-Brown, is clearly head and shoulders over existing methods of picking up after pets. It is compact, pops open and seals shut, converts to a scoop easily, is biodegradable and is even carried by the dog. While other lesser products have tried to grapple with aspects of the pet waste predicament, no other product does so as successfully or elegantly as Parachute Dog.

"Parachute Dog is the result of observing people cleaning up after their dogs and addressing all the problems I've seen them encounter," said Nolan-Brown.

And when you think about the often twice daily ritual, there are a lot of problems, just not for the dog.

While pets are fine to just squat, plop and just keep going the poor dog owner has to be part-contortionist, part-juggler to make a successful pick up. Dedicated pet pick up bags are often very hard to open. Used shopping bags are often ripped and because they are not biodegradable, banned in some states. Both types of bag are inconvenient to carry, often stuffed willy-nilly into pockets. Once people finally get a bag open, they must bend down to the grass or pavement and carefully scoop up the entire deposit, balancing bag and leash while the dog is pulling, anxious to move on. Neither type of bag is very easy to tie nor pleasant to carry to a bin. And just when the dog goes for the second time on a single walk, you realize that you only brought one bag, forcing you to either attempt to untie the used bag and risk trying to use it again or not bother picking up the second. One is potentially really messy and one makes the dog owner a poor citizen.

Parachute Dog makes each problem passé.

Parachute Dog bags rest in a carrier carried by the dog on their leash. Each handy bag has a cardboard collar, making it a snap to open and ensuring it's sealed when closed. What's more, the collar forms a rigid top so it can become a scoop. Urban dog owners find scoops much easier to use on pavement than formless bags. A simple clip means dogs can carry used bags on their leash as well. And because it is biodegradable, pet owners don't have to worry about creating a package that lasts a lifetime.

Nolan-Brown has invented other successful products, one of which is the clever mirror that allows parents to keep watch as their children are nestled in rear-facing car seats.

Visit to become a pet waste paratrooper. Starter kits include the carrying case and four waste bags for $14.99. Replacement packs of 24 bags are only $9.99. Order now and customers will receive a mini chip clip (for dog treats) as a special bonus.

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