Paragliding and Powered Paragliding Training Now Available in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada Area

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Las Vegas Powered Paragliding LLC provides a combination of Paragliding services that can't be found anywhere else in southern Nevada. Las Vegas Powered Paragliding LLC trained pilots are some of the best and safest paraglider/powered paraglider pilots and have the most fun possible in the sport.

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Pams first Flight

"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return."
-- Leonardo da Vinci

Las Vegas Powered Paragliding LLC offers flight training in Paragliding and Powered Paragliding. Las Vegas Powered Paragliding LLC sale and rent some of the best and safest equipment available. Las Vegas Powered Paragliding LLC serve and fly mostly in the Southern Nevada area.

PPG “ The Ageless Sport”
With proper training and good equipment powered paragliding is considered the safest form of personal aviation ever devised. Las Vegas Powered Paragliding LLC only use instructors that trained under the best in the world so this quality of expertise is passed on to their students. All of Las Vegas Powered Paragliding LLC instructors was trained by a World Champion. Las Vegas Powered Paragliding LLC also use the best, certified and safest equipment available to train on.

  • No FAA license is required;
  • Most people learn to fly in about a week;
  • You can foot launch or fly wheels;
  • Easily transported in vehicle.

Powered Paragliding is sometimes known as Para motoring and it is a form of ultralight aviation. The pilot wears a small motor on his/her back called a Paramotor and energetically runs into the air producing lift from a paraglider wing. Powered paragliding differs from powered parachuting in that powered paragliders use an extremely efficient wing which aids the lifting process. Las Vegas Powered Paragliding LLC innovative wing allows the small and light motor to be carried on the pilot’s back for a running foot launch but does necessitate a more experienced and competent handling.

The ever-increasing popularity of the sport of powered paragliding is probably due to the low, slow flowing capacity and the totally free and open-air sensation that the pilot does not experience with a conventional light aircraft. Compact and lightweight portability and low and affordable costs of the maintenance of the equipment are major advantages for Las Vegas Powered Paragliding LLC and its powered paragliding machine’s enthusiastic sporting participants. The Paramotor weighs anywhere between forty-five and eighty pounds, easily enabling the pilot to wear and support it on his/her back during the lift-off phase. With an enthusiastic but brief run the wing will lift the motor and the harnessed pilot successively.

After this simple take-off the pilot eases him/herself into the seat that was folded during the launch and comfortably sits back while suspended below the inflated paraglider wing. Utilizing the brake “toggles” in each hand together with a hand-held throttle control of the powered paraglider is simplistically available. Las Vegas Powered Paragliding LLC has a powered paraglider that can fly at speeds between fifteen and forty-five miles per hour. Altitudes of eighteen thousand feet can be attained but just about all flying is kept at below five hundred feet above ground level.

In several countries, including the United States, this powered paragliding sport is minimally regulated. No license or specific course of training is essential either in the United States or the United Kingdom. Receiving instruction and advice from a seasoned and professional powered paragliding instructor is highly recommended by Las Vegas Powered Paragliding LLC. Those countries that do require authentic certification often solicit the use of non-governmental ultralight organizations for this purpose. A pilot of a powered paragliding machine could invest between one to four weeks getting through the syllabus required by most organizations.

With special gear it is possible to take “on board” of a second person but few countries, including the United States, would countenance this tandem flying without some form of instruction and certification. Lightweight carts or “trikes” can be mounted on powered paragliders for the further enjoyment of those pilots who prefer not to foot-launch or for those who for some reason are unable to. Research has produced statistics to show that powered paragliding is safer than riding a motorcycle. Some pilots even carry a spare parachute that is designed to open from as little as fifty feet. Powered paragliding has made possible the means for almost anyone to follow the age-old dream of man to fly.

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