New Film Company To Bring More Science to Sci-fi With "Mirrored" Crowdfunding Campaign

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Paragon Hill Productions of Los Angeles has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its debut short film "Mirrored," which will pave the way for more niche online entertainment and reestablish science into the science-fiction genre.

"Mirrored" Poster - "I Am Not Redundant" -

"Mirrored" Concept Poster

Much of today’s mainstream sci-fi entertainment has lost sight of the most important element of the genre. – The Science

"Mirrored" is a short film about an unwanted clone who must fight to exist before he is erased forever by his creators. The film follows the vein of "The Twilight Zone" and will have a visual style similar to "Oblivion" and "The Island". Its story takes inspiration from many contemporary ideas and possible future advancements, such as the concept of mind uploading being championed by The 2045 Initiative ( and great thinkers like futurist Ray Kurzweil, as well as the technology of bio-printing being pioneered by companies such as Organovo (

"The character’s main drive in ‘Mirrored’ is survival, a very human instinct," states Bradford Hill, founder of Paragon Hill and the film’s producer and director.  "But as a story I was drawn to this project because the sci-fi elements were central to the narrative, and forced you to seriously consider the paradox they could create. It makes you ask the important question ‘What if?’"

As a life-long fan of science fiction, Bradford believes that much of today’s mainstream sci-fi entertainment has lost sight of the most important element of the genre – The Science.

"When I say science, I am not simply talking about the intellectual dialog or scientific jargon. I’m referring to the core concepts of science:  A wonder with the world and universe around us; the desire to explore the unknown; and to theorize about why things are the way they are."

For Bradford, much of modern sci-fi has become contemporary drama set to a futuristic backdrop. The science-fiction is not central to the story, nor does it play a crucial role in the plot and its conflicts. Instead the sci-fi elements only serve to add flair to the visual storytelling.

Bradford’s credits include producing a short film for Walt Disney Studios, co-creating the web-series "AirSWAT", receiving an Accolade Award for work on "The Real Life", and performing the voice of Hideto in Toei Animations English release of the "Danguard Ace" movie collection.

As a new production company, Paragon’s resources are limited, but this gives his company an advantage. Unlike the major film studios who are forced to make movies for the largest audience possible in order to recoup their enormous budgets, Paragon can focus on films that cater to a smaller, more focused audience. 

"I would love to make a big budget movie, but Hollywood has that sewn up. So many great stories never get told through that system though, and the internet could be a great outlet for the stories that don’t fit into a current Hollywood mold." 

Paragon plans to explore new media in order to find an audience for their particular brand of entertainment. The company will distribute "Mirrored" via online video on demand; a difficult move given that so much content, especially short-form content, is available for free on the Internet.  And yet the company believes the audience for "Mirrored" is willing to support a new business model for making films. 

"Online video is growing rapidly, but it still has not shown if it can successfully sustain a business model of any type. Free outlets like YouTube simply do not attract enough advertising dollars to sustain any sizable budget for a film." 

Traditionally, a studio would secure the capital to make a film and then distribute it to audiences.  With Paragon’s limited resources, crowd-funding sites such as Kickstarter offer a unique opportunity. 

"I want to treat this crowd-funding more like a ‘pre-sale’ idea; to see if there is a market for this type of content. To that end, even a $1 pledge shows a real interest in the film.  For showing that support before the film has even been made, the $1 pledge receives a 50% discount off the full-rental price of the movie. I believe there is an audience that exists who want to see this type of content be made, and are willing to support a new way for artists to make it." 

Head on over to to learn more about "Mirrored" and Paragon Hill Productions. Voice your support by pledging to the project or by leaving a comment for the creators of the film.

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