Controversial Canadian Pardon Law - Bill C 10 Set to Pass

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In a questionable economic climate, where heated budget and policy debates seem the order of the day; Express Pardons Canada, an advocate of the rights of the 1 in 7 Canadians living with limited opportunities because of a criminal record, is looking for answers why the Canadian government seeks to extend additional unnecessarily punitive measures and financial burden on those who can least afford it.

Advocates For The Rights Of Those Living With Limited Opportunities Because Of A Past Mistake

With Canadian parliament back in session, Express Pardons Canada and the pardon industry is anxiously waiting for any news regarding the status of the controversial Canadian pardon law in the omnibus crime bill, Bill C10 also known as The Safe Streets and Communities Act.

With this new proposed crime bill, the Canadian Conservative Government has grouped 9 previously proposed legislation changes into one crime bill, including the previously un-passable Canadian pardon law Bill C23-b, that will affect many aspects of the criminal code including the pardon process and eligibility requirements.

Express Pardons Canada has consistently spoken out against the proposed crime bill in its current and previous form; consistently advocating for client rights and representing the Canadian pardon industry to both the media and to the Canadian government. Last fall for example, Express Pardons Canada was invited to represent the Canadian pardon industry to the Senate standing committee. At this committee meeting Express Pardons spoke out against the proposed pardon law and pardon user fee increase while demonstrating the importance of the pardon system to the 1 in 7 Canadians who have a criminal record.

Unfortunately, the statements made by Express Pardons regarding the negative impact that the crime bill will have on Canada, have all but been ignored as the move to change the pardon law in Canada are seemingly going forward. The stance taken by Express Pardons has been echoed with similarly expressed opinions and warnings voiced by various other groups across Canada including aboriginal rights groups, youth services, and services seeking to help marginalized Canadians.

Express Pardons feels that in a precarious economic climate, the Canadian government should be seeking to protect and support industries that seek to streamline publicly funded agencies like the Parole Board of Canada, rather than seeking to pass larger financial burdens on to those who can least afford it, those living with limited opportunities because of a past mistake. Further, Express Pardons feels that actions like this could potentially drive the thousands of Canadians who work in the pardon industry to the unemployment lines. The general consensus in the industry is of great concern over how these changes will affect both the industry and the rights of those living within the limitations of having a criminal record.

This same legislation seeks to put pardons out of the reach of millions by unnecessarily extending eligibility wait times. "The reality of the situation," says Ainsley Muller of Express Pardons, "is that the majority of people that Express Pardons acts as an advocate for were convicted of minor offenses and now want a pardon to be able to go to school, find jobs, volunteer and travel".

Express Pardons will continue to advocate for the rights of thousands of Canadians who have learnt from their mistakes and who want to move on as productive members of society who contribute to their communities in positive ways.

About Express Pardons: Express Pardons provides the fastest pardons in Canada. Assisting Canadians to get a second chance, Express Pardons works with the Parole Board of Canada to petition for a pardon on a client’s behalf. With extensive knowledge of the pardon process and established relationships with Police and Court officials, the Express Pardons team delivers a rapid application process with a 99% success rate.


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