Who Has The Remote? Takes a Second Look at Cookie-Giving During National Children's Dental Health Month

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WhoHasTheRemote.com (WHTR) explores the large and small details of parenting especially cookie giving and sugary treats during Children's Dental Health Month.

WhoHasTheRemote.com often examines the little things that moms and dads do in the course of parenting. In some instances, a parent might do something as an afterthought, unknowing of its larger ramifications. Certain parents have even found that random cookie-giving can lead to messy situations when children compare lunches. WHTR provides suggestions for handling the situation of perceived sibling inequality with treats in honor of National Children's Dental Health month.

The feeling of inequality is generally despised amongst children, whether it seems to occur amongst siblings or between generations. Telling children that they cannot drink wine or beer can be difficult for some parents, because many kids will keep on asking why such beverages are off limits. Considering all the rights and entitlements that can only be gained through growth, parents need to ensure that children are rewarded in equal measures.

Around the house, it is easier for parents to ensure that siblings are gifted equally on everything from toys to game snacks. When cookies emerge randomly in unequal proportions, however, parents should think of them as prizes. So instead of simply handing a lone treat to the first sibling that walks through the door, it can instead be earned by the one child who completes a special household chore.

Of course, not all kids want the same treats or prizes, but they do want to feel as though they have been given equal opportunities for such things. If a parent finds a single Oreo after suppertime, it can be offered to whichever child does the least enviable honor at cleanup, whether that entails filling the dishwasher or removing the trash. While the consumption of satellite tv and internet can always be administered equally amongst siblings, a stray cookie might just inspire one brother or sister to go the extra mile.

WhoHasTheRemote.com wants parents to think about all the details, large and small, of raising children. The handing out of treats can seem like a minor act of parenting, but controversies can ensue when the treats at hand are disproportionate to the number of children in the household.

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WhoHasTheRemote.com examines various methods that parents can explore to raise happier and healthier children. Some of these methods involve games and crafts while others concern systems for handing out rewards.

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