Cover The Uninsured Week - How Can You Help?

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Cover The Uninsured Week has just begun and hopes are running high to match the success of last year. With over forty seven million Americans currently uninsured and nearly 20% of them being children, there is still plenty of improvement to be made on this issue.

In an effort to support the Cover The Uninsured project, Group Net LLC has stepped forward to provide the following free support for the uninsured and those looking to help them through their websites and

Comprehensive Database of Patient Assistance Programs
Nearly all major pharmaceutical companies offer their drugs at no cost or at a low cost to the uninsured through patient assistance programs. PatientAssistance has put together a comprehensive database of all the available patient assistance programs along with their eligibility requirements, the application to apply for the program, and even a system the user can set up to be reminded as to when they have to apply again. Whether you're looking for multiple medications for yourself or signing up multiple individuals, you won't have to search around the web and mark the date on your calendar to benefit from these programs anymore.

Free Prescription Drug Card
The AMA's statistics on uninsured individuals show two startling facts about the uninsured in regards to prescription medication. Because of the cost of prescription medications, over 10% of uninsured individuals never pick up their prescription medication, while another 10% will skip pills or self reduce their dosage in an attempt to make their medication last longer. CountyRxCard offers a solution to this issue by providing individuals nationwide with a free prescription drug card that will actually reduce the costs of purchasing prescription drugs by up to 90%. Once you register for the card online, you'll instantly be presented with your cards code so that you can use it right then and there without having to wait for the card to come in the mail.

Complete Database of Government Benefits Programs
Each year, the United States Government spends over $100 billion on providing healthcare solutions to the uninsured. These programs range from nationwide to state specific and are available to anyone who is eligible for them. PatientAssistance has established a database that lists all available government benefits programs by state, allowing uninsured individuals or those aiding them to easily find the program that best fits their needs. PatientAssistance provides the programs information, program requirements, and the application process for all the programs listed in their database.

Free Clinics And Community Clinics Database
Providing free or low cost treatment to the uninsured does not necessarily fix the uninsured issue that is facing America, but it does prevent the overall quality of health from declining. Many individuals simply do not know where to find a free or community clinic to get the assistance they or someone they know needs, so PatientAssistance has put together a database of free clinics and community clinics that an individual can easily navigate through to find the treatment they need.

While Cover The Uninsured Week ends May 3rd, Group Net LLC through their websites PatientAssistance and CountyRxCard have been and will continue to cover the uninsured throughout the entire year. In March 2008 alone, Group Net LLC managed to save their 1.3 million members over $2 million, reaching a year to date of $5.6 million. That savings does not include the assistance received from patient assistance programs, government benefits programs, and free and community clinic visits that their members participated in. While that may seem like a lot of savings, Group Net LLC has set their 2008 goal at saving their members $30 million by the end of 2008.


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