PurePPC.com Addresses Four Concerns About Pay-Per-Click Advertising As Businesses Gear Up for Fall Marketing Campaigns

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Do-it-yourself Internet marketers who dabble in pay-per-click marketing face bidding wars, wasted clicks and ‘click sabotage’ as they work to push their websites onto the first page of the search engine results

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PurePPC.com is an Internet marketing firm focused on pay-per-click advertising.

Some of the top advantages of PPC is you don’t need to make changes to your website to gain a high search engine ranking, and you can see immediate results from your campaign.

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After letting their guards down as consumers vacationed this summer, companies are gearing up for fall marketing campaigns and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of the most popular ways businesses reach customers online, said Todd Julien, president of PurePPC.com, a full service pay-per-click management firm.

The aim of pay-per-click advertising is to drive traffic to a website using paid advertising links that show up when someone performs an Internet search using keywords identified by the business. Advertisers pay based partly on the popularity of the search terms in search engines like Google and Bing.com.

For Google, advertising reportedly accounts for about 97 percent of the company’s revenue.

“That’s a lot of clicks,” Julien said.

But there are misconceptions about PPC and how it works as part of a larger marketing strategy, he added.

“Pay-per-click advertising can be incredibly beneficial for driving traffic to your website when performed correctly,” Julien said. “Some of the top advantages of PPC is you don’t need to make changes to your website to gain a high search engine ranking, and you can see immediate results from your campaign.”

He explained some of the most common concerns do-it-yourselfers face when embarking on pay-per-click advertising campaigns.

PPC Can Become a Bidding War

Other companies may pay more to have a higher PPC search rank, which might result in a business dropping to a lower position. Making a comeback to the higher spot could require the company bid a higher amount. Maintaining a top ranking could be difficult if the business is using popular keywords.

“But generally the amount of traffic PPC will send to a website makes it worth the investment,” Julien said.

Budget Drained on Wasted Clicks

For PPC, advertisers pay per click.

People may click on a pay-per-click advertising link and find that the website does not offer what they were searching for, which cost the company money for a click that did not become a sale or lead. When doing a PPC campaign, it’s important to think carefully about the keywords and the type of searches people will do to lead them to the website.

“It’s also important to have a strong landing page from the PPC link that keeps people on the site for as long as possible,” Julien explained.

Competitors Might Use “Click Sabotage”

Another common concern is a competitor sabotaging a company’s PPC campaign by excessively clicking paid links, costing the business money that could have been spent to attracting actual customers.

“Google watches for click fraud and will often not charge a targeted account,” Julien said.
SEO is a Better Strategy

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is another popular marketing technique for driving traffic to a website. The disadvantage of SEO is it can take several months to make any kind of progress in the search rankings.

“PPC offers top search rankings immediately while with SEO there is no guarantee that a website will make it to page one of the search results,” said Jared Prazen, director of client services for PurePPC.com. “You could be doing well with SEO, but you’re never going to rank on page one for all search terms. With pay-per-click (advertising) you can be on page one immediately.”

About PurePPC.com

PurePPC.com is a full service pay-per-click management and consulting firm with a proven track record of helping clients lower their costs while increasing their return on investment. The PurePPC.com team has managed millions of dollars in PPC spending across multiple industries and verticals.

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