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Hopefully readers will find encouragement and inspiration from these people, because the truth is they could be anybody. men’s lifestyle and finance magazine today issued their observations regarding some shared insight from consumers holding credit scores of 800 or above, revealing how they have managed to achieve and maintain such an achievement. In general a FICO score of 800 or above is considered an excellent score, and a recent Yahoo! Finance article reports that although a perfect credit report score (850 on the FICO model) is an impossible feat, lofty scores are within reach for most American consumers if they take the proper steps to simply work towards it.’s angle on this can benefit American consumers by reaffirming that an excellent credit score is within reach, and is not dependent on wealth, age, or profession.

Tim Sprinkle of Yahoo! Finance refers to a perfect credit score as “the white whale” of personal finance, stating that it is a near impossible accomplishment since being a credit holder will always involve some sort of risk. Sprinkle’s article includes a quote by Experian’s director of public education, Rod Griffin, who stated, “I’ve personally never met someone with a perfect score, and it's simply because there's always some level of risk. When you use credit there's always some risk that you won't be able to repay that debt. You may become ill or be in an accident. It's like driving a car; there's always a chance that you could be in an accident due to no fault of your own." The article goes on to report however that a stellar score—800 or above—is a feat that is more than attainable by most American consumers.

While believes that consumers ought to shoot for a high goal, the men’s lifestyle and finance magazine does not actually recommend going for a perfect score.’s Senior staff writer is quoted as saying, “It’s like shooting for a 1600 on the SATs—only a very slim minority are going to get it, and the results may seem disappointing even if they are in fact remarkable. I think the better approach is to set smaller goals for oneself, such as aiming to raise your credit score by 35 or 50 points in a year, and then once that target has been reached, creating a new objective. It’s a good idea to keep challenging yourself, but you need to have wins to feel accomplished. You could work towards an 850 for your entire life and never hit it, but inching your score up a little every year towards a personal goal, that’s achievable and definitely within reach.”

The above-mentioned article includes interviews from members of the Yahoo! Contributor Network, all of whom hold credit scores of 800 or higher. These credit score gurus offer advice and some tried and true ways of handling finances that have allowed them to reach the status of having exceptional credit. Nancy Miller of Columbia, MD holds a credit score of 815 and attributes her lofty score to having a long track record with several credit accounts. She states that her car payments, mortgage payments, and certain credit cards of hers go back 33 years. Credit bureaus like to see a long-standing relationship between a lender and a borrower, since it shows trustworthiness and accountability over the course of many years. Another contributor, Eric Holden, gives a nod to paying his credit cards off every few days as a big reason that his score has hit and holds steady at 825. Holden states, “Instead of making one large monthly payment, like most credit card holders, I pay off my credit card once every four or five days. This helps me pay my bills on time, which in turn, raises my credit score. By making a payment once every few days instead of once a month, it reduces the overall debt on my credit report.” commends the credit score “super stars” who shared their personal successes for the benefit of other consumers.’s Senior staff writer is quoted as saying, “Hopefully readers will find encouragement and inspiration from these people, because the truth is they could be anybody. Having a great credit score does not depend on one’s wealth or profession, but rather on how good they are at managing debt and their personal finances. Paying bills on time, creating a budget and sticking to it, and enrolling in automatic bill payments are easy, easy things that anybody can do which will help raise a credit score.”

Sprinkle’s article includes a special contribution from Angela Colley, a New Orleans Native with a 811 credit score, whose score jumped over 100 points when she recognized errors on her credit report and took steps to correct them. She is quoted as saying, “All three of my credit reports contained at least one error each. For example, one company was reporting a debt outstanding that had been paid off several months before. Another credit report showed an account I didn't even own. I wrote letters to the credit bureaus disputing these errors, the credit bureaus investigated and removed the errors about 30 days later."

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