Founder Sherry Tingley Blogs on Improving Financial Well Being

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Personal finance writer Sherry Tingley blogs on how people can improve their financial well being, take control of their debt, and live a happier life.

In the latest contribution to her website’s popular personal finance blog, Sherry Tingley, founder of business checks leader, offers some timely advice on how people can improve their financial well being so they can create a stable financial future, protect their psychological well-being, and boost their happiness and quality of life.

Commenting on the “Delphi Study of Experts’ Rankings of Personal Finance Concepts,” Tingley notes that total national consumer debt has risen to over $2.5 billion, while personal savings rates continue to plummet. She also points out that the top financial worries facing most people are not having enough money to cover monthly expenses, and the stress and uncertainty of living paycheck to paycheck.

“An overwhelming number of people in America are simply not in control of their debt,” commented Tingley. “Though it sounds harsh, people have to wake up right now, take control of their personal financial situation, and do everything they can to learn to hate non-mortgage debt as much as possible!”

In her blog post, Tingley also outlines four troublesome findings of the recently-released 2012 National Financial Literacy survey:

1. More than 50% of adults don’t budget or track expenses, which is a recipe for debt disaster. This has to change immediately or else there’s going to be no turning back for some individuals and families.

2. More than 1/3rd of adults admit that they don’t pay all of their bills on time every month. If the problem is meeting deadlines and paying attention to details, setting up automatic online banking payments is the right step. If the problem is low income, then it’s time to find creative solutions now – not later.

3. Nearly 40% of adults carry credit card debt from month to month – which means that they’re paying credit card companies a fortune in interest. There is no surer way to remain in debt for years and decades than to play the “minimum balance” game.

4. Nearly 40% of adults have no personal savings – which means they’re immediately vulnerable if and when an unexpected expense arises. People should do everything they can to set aside at least $1000 for emergencies.

To read Tingley’s timely, informative and practical blog post on improving financial well being, click here.

For more information or media inquiries, contact Sherry Tingley at sherry(at)coolchecks(dot)net or 801-599-0052.


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For more information or media inquiries, contact Sherry Tingley at sherry(at)coolchecks(dot)net or 801-599-0052.

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