Explains Borrowers’ Protections from Debt Collectors

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Ever wondered what rights borrowers have when it comes to personal loan debt collectors? According to, borrowers don’t have to screen every call avoiding debt collection services, and they don’t have to tolerate harassing tactics.

The New York Times report on patients being confronted by debt collectors in their hospital rooms, and the Huffington Post article on Diana Mey being sexually threatened by a collector are but two of the many recent news reports that demonstrate how borrowers are being harassed by unscrupulous debt collection agencies. Regardless of whether borrowers have mortgage, auto, student, payday or personal loans, wants them to be protected and to know their rights. As a result, the educational financing website released an article answering the most common questions borrowers may have regarding debt collection.

It’s important for those with personal loans to know that debt collectors cannot harass them in any way. Threats of arrest, foreclosure and wage garnishment are all illegal. While these consequences may occur under certain circumstances, a debt collector has no authority to enact or enforce such penalties, and therefore has no right to make such threats.

If debt collectors begin calling borrowers at their place of work, borrowers may submit a written or oral request to their collectors informing the collector that they are not permitted to receive calls at their place of employment. Much like a “do not call list” used by telemarketers, debt collectors are forced to adhere to such requests.

On a similar note: collectors may only call personal loan borrowers between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m., unless given permission from borrowers to call outside of those hours.

In the event debt collectors break the law, borrowers have the right to sue them within one year of the date the offence was committed. However, borrowers who do sue debt collectors should be aware that their debt will not be wiped solely because of the lawsuit, regardless of the verdict.


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To access the full article on borrowers’ rights, readers can follow the “Articles” link at the top of any page on the site.

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