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Learn personal emergency water filtration guidelines from the experts at Absolute Rights with their Special Report, says recent online article.

"170 Gallons A Day" eBook How Is Water Cleaned

"170 Gallons A Day" eBook How Is Water Cleaned

Absolute Rights is eager to show people how they can stop buying bottled water and paying expensive water bills with a proven plan for supplying every drop that’s needed.

Obtaining personal emergency water filtration devices is one of the most important steps that can be taken in disaster preparation, according to the latest article from Food and shelter are important too, but clean water to drink, bathe in, and cook with is a vital necessity for any human being to survive.

As our world moves closer to depleted water supplies, the article said having the knowledge to provide personal supplies becomes paramount. Luckily, Absolute Rights is offering a Special Report to shine some light on the water purification process. “170 Gallons a Day: How to Purify Any Water—Even Urine- to Store, Drink, and Cook With After a Disaster” will provide more water information than any document that has come before it, said the article.

Available as a digitally downloaded e-book, “170 Gallons a Day” shows readers how to clean water that has been contaminated by pollutants and hazardous materials. There is a plethora of harmful substances that can easily render an entire water supply useless, but the article said knowing how to get rid of those contaminants is an easier process than most people realize.

“170 Gallons a Day” incorporates numerous methods of collecting water from rainfall, surface drainage, and even sewers. Public water systems aren’t always as reliable as they should be. It’s becoming a serious problem in many parts of the U.S., said the online article.

That has led to a surge of water collection devices marketed successfully to people affected by droughts and poor supply quality. “170 Gallons a Day” emphasizes such measures, but the article said it shows people how to inexpensively produce more than enough clean water to survive any drought or other disaster.

The article said the Special Report shows people the easiest and most practical ways to acquire clean water in the world. It informs on popular home filtration methods that can literally make people more vulnerable, and shows them how they can make their own inexpensive systems that are more effective than anything bought off the shelf.

Speaking of saving money, Absolute Rights is eager to show people how they can stop buying bottled water and paying expensive water bills with a proven plan for supplying every drop that’s needed. They’ll learn how to do it within the pages of the Special Report.

Absolute Rights informs patriotic Americans on their given rights, plus helps protect those rights from government or disaster intrusion. Most importantly, it prides itself on alerting people when their rights are being threatened, creating an active and informed community. For more information, be sure to visit

It’s essential to know the skills taught by “170 Gallons a Day,” but the online article said there’s a large portion of people who have no idea how to clean water. By learning the personal emergency water filtration techniques in the Special Report, people will be educating themselves in a life-saving process.

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