Portland Personal Trainer Kisar Dhillon Offers Fat Loss Tips For Summer

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Portland fitness trainer Kisar Dhillon offers some great fitness tips that can help individuals lose that fat weight. Kisar states that it will require some effort, but maintaining a consistent routine will create amazing results that can last a lifetime.

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When it comes to losing fat weight the body constantly has to be challenged with different types of exercises. Portland personal trainer Kisar Dhillon has come up with four great fitness tips that can create amazing results and excellent fitness habits.

Fitness Tip No.1 – When it comes to doing cardiorespiratory exercise it is strongly encouraged to make sure the individual is training at the correct training heart rate. Just using the simple maximum heart rate formula is not enough, and that is why it is wise to use the Karvonen Method to calculate the ranges that someone should be exercising in.

Fitness Tip No. 2 – As soon as a good fitness base has been established, some amazing fat loss results can be generated by implementing high intensity interval training (HIIT) within the exercise routine. This does not mean that every routine has to have this component, but it should be part of the overall fitness program of the individual who is trying to reduce their body fat and increase their overall wellness.

Fitness Tip No. 3 – Weight lifting is going to be a crucial component of every Portland fat loss program. When a person increases their lean muscle mass, this not only increases the body’s metabolism, but it also helps decrease the amount of body fat percentage. A lot of females tend to stay away from weights, but as research has stated, it is great at maintaining bone density, increasing lean muscle tissue and decreasing body fat percentages when a proper food intake program is followed.

Fitness Tip No. 4 – Having a good food intake program will make or break a fitness program. Even when small modifications are implemented, they can yield amazing results. If someone is having a challenging time sticking to an overall food intake program, it is highly suggested that they work with an experienced personal trainer Portland and a registered dietician.
Fat loss programs are marketed all of the time, and an experienced Portland personal trainer, registered dieticians and/or physicians can be a great resource in helping someone implement and be successful at accomplishing their fat loss weight goals. If losing body fat weight is important enough to call a health professional for help, then that is the first step towards achieving a healthy lifestyle.

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