Bliss Pest Control Celebrates Carpenter Ants Awareness Week

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Bizarre holidays are fun to celebrate and observe and none are more deserving this month to those in the pest control industry than Carpenter Ants Awareness Week. Learn all about the annual observance and all you ever wanted to know about carpenter ants.

Bliss Pest Control of Connecticut loves to celebrate holidays and there's none more deserving during the month of June than Carpenter Ants Awareness Week, which takes place during the week of June 20-26. This observance was not created to celebrate the life of the carpenter ant, but instead to teach people how to prevent the spread of these terrible pests.

There are many different species of carpenter ants infesting homes and businesses across the country, the most common being the Black carpenter ant. They most commonly take residency in decaying, wet or hollow wood, both indoors and outdoors and carve passageways through wood grain to allow for travel.

The first places to check for carpenter ants in your home are the most common areas of the house that are closest to moisture. This is usually places such as around windows, decks and porches and even the eaves of your roof. You should also check crawl spaces and other areas of your basement. The easiest way to identify if you have carpenter ants is by looking for a sawdust-like material, which is a good indication of a nest. Take your flashlight and inspect the wood around your house if you have any suspicions.

It's important to locate the infestation of carpenter ants early, because while they most often make home in decaying or mold infested wood which would need replacing anyway, they will sometimes begin to build paths into dry, undamaged woods in your home. Once infestation has occurred, a lot of property and foundation damage can take place and could cost thousands of dollars to fix.

If you do not currently have an infestation or after getting rid of carpenter ants in your home, the next step is prevention. Since carpenter ants require a water source, you should do what you can to eliminate moisture from around your home. Make sure there are not any areas containing standing water and keep tree branches and wood piles away from the building. If there are cracks or small openings near the base of your home, seal them.

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