Horne's Pest Control Company, Inc. Offers Protection During Termite Season

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In the last two years, termites caused more than $10 billion in damage to single family homes. This is more than fire, floods and windstorms combined.

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Horne's Pest Control Company, Inc. Offers Protection During Termite Season

Horne’s Pest Control, a pest control company based in Martinez, has some information about termites, and encourages homeowners to protect their homes before termites can move in. According to the University of Georgia, which does extensive studies on termites, the nation spends approximately $2 billion a year on termite treatments, and in Georgia alone, residents spend over $200 – 300 million per year on infestations and damage repairs.

The same study explained that the termites that are common to Georgia will begin swarming and mating in March and April. Pest Control Companies, like Horne’s, are finding success with combining treatment methods and different technologies to combat subterranean termites.

By installing a baiting system around the homes' exterior, pest control companies are reducing the total number of colonies in customers' yards. However, it may take up to two years for baits to become effective and oftentimes termites can and do attack homes before the baits are effective. By applying a liquid termiticide barrier directly to the homes foundation, companies are able to kill the termites in the soil immediately.

Horne’s Pest Control has a comprehensive process for eliminating termites from the home. For more information about Horne’s please visit their website at: http://www.hornespestcontrol.com. To make an appointment for termite control, call (888)467-6378.

<br>About the company:<br>Horne’s Pest Control offers pest control solutions that combine the most advanced chemistry and targeted treatments in three protective layers. They take the pest control battle directly to a home’s four defensive zones: exterior, attic, crawl space and interior. This pest control method stops a pest invasion at all possible entry points.

Hornes Pest Control also uses a comprehensive approach to termite control. Exterra termite baiting canisters are placed around the home to target and eliminate foraging termites. Termidor, the most effective liquid termiticide, is placed around the home’s foundation to prevent and kill termites entering the structure. Premise, the most effective termite gel bait on the market, is injected into the infested timbers of a home to begin eliminating termites immediately. Horne’s Pest Control also has the most comprehensive damage repair warranty in Augusta GA and Aiken SC so homeowners can rest assured that their home is protected.

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