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Share Article has developed a new technology system designed to recover lost pets fast like an Amber Alert for pets. A water-resistant digital USB Flash Drive becomes a Digital Pet ID tag storing photos, 100 points of pet data like common behaviors, verbal commands and medical history on the collar. Data can be accessed by 200 million computers and laptops built since 1997 including those with Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux operating systems. Website features the first Online International Pet Data Registry supporting 190 countries and supports translation in 10 different languages. This sytem is excellent for pets like cats, dogs, ferrets and large animals like horses, alpacas, llamas. Even birds and reptiles benefit from this coverage.

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MWR Enterprises has unveiled a new website called 12 months of research and development has produced a new level pet rescue and recovery tools to aid both the pet owner and the rescuer in terms of recovering the pet quickly and safely.

Our system holds over 100 points of data including, multiple points of contact, websites, email addresses and telephone numbers. Owners can easily update their information via anytime of day. Contacts like a local animal rescue shelter, veterinarian, or a long distance third party who can relay information in case the owner is displaced in a natural disaster like those victimized by Hurricane Katrina.

To minimize further trauma to the lost pet or animal, the rescuer has information supplied by the owner such as pet demeanor around unfamiliar areas, new people and other animals, what kinds of food and drug allergies the pet has and what their reactions are. The owner can also add medical history. Data includes pet verbal commands, diet menu, feeding schedules, pet lives indoors or outdoors, housebroken, etc. This will change by species if a dog, cat, ferret, horse or other animal.

The Flash Drive USB unit is universal as it can be read by any Good Samaritan rescuer computer or laptop which could be any Windows, Apple or Linux operated system built since 1997. The data is entered by the pet owner who logs in to From there the user has both one free pet listing and any number of premium based pet listings. hosts the First Online International Pet Database Registry supporting 190 countries in 10 languages and is available to both free and premium-based users.

Premium pet listings also have added functionality of saving pet data locally to USB flash drive in two universal file formats: HTML and PDF. Since web browsers come bundled in most cases, common web language or HTML can be used regardless of Operating Systems used since 1997.

By running the software program from, we bypass the usual software requirements needed by specific operating systems. Even if the rescuer has no Internet access, the USB flash drive will plug and play and open the computer or laptop internal web browser by working in an offline capacity. In non-emergency situations, the stored pet data can be printed in either format which is also beneficial for the owner to create when leaving their pet with a pet sitter or boarding kennel.

Better Solution than Microchipping?

USB technology works on 200 million computers worldwide. Microchipping has no where near that number of scanners available. Nearly anyone can use a flash drive once shown how. Up until now, the alternative and less convenient process for the rescuer is to transport a lost pet or animal to an authorized location to read the chip. By allowing any average person to rescue a pet, they can potentially bypass the process of sending a pet to the local pound which frees up already overcrowded animal rescue shelters nationwide saving valuable resources. While there are huge successes in microchipping, the technology has encountered more than a few false positives in recent past because newer microchip scanners have not always been tested for compatibility to read older chips according to credible sources. Our position is not to replace microchips but to enhance it with our system which increases the odds of successful recovery of lost pets.

Our chosen USB flash drive is water-resistant and comes with a 10-year manufacture warranty. Our testing confirms that this unit could be considered waterproof after removing the dust cap and submerging in a 6-foot deep pool for 30 minutes and driving over it with a one-ton vehicle. Under both extreme conditions the USB faithfully ran on multiple PCs and laptops without fail.

We also developed a storage wallet for pets which fits both small to large collars. Material is durable neoprene rubber (like scuba diver suits) and comes in various colors. It aligns with the collar band (like a belt through a belt loop) to help secure the USB flash drive cap and prevents the flash drive from hampering a small pet stride or becoming ripped off by extreme use or activities. It fits on horse halters or attaches to pet crates, bird cages or aquarium with simple modifications. A metal Pet ID tag informs rescuer that USB data is on the collar along with website and pet ID tag number in case the rescuer has no USB access.

Please Help Spread the Word

We wish to get information on this pet technology out to veterinarians, breeders, pet rescue shelters but also to local authorities, emergency organizations like FEMA, Homeland Security and the National Guard and the general public.

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Digital Guardian Angel Pet ID KitDigital Guardian Angel Pet ID KitThis displays all available colors of the original DGA Pet Wallet from A traditional aluminum alloy diamond engraved tag displays informs a rescuer that digital data from USB Flash Drive is on the pet collar.Supported Technologies of The Digital Guardian Angel Pet ID SystemSupported Technologies of The Digital Guardian Angel Pet ID SystemTrue Global Support is harnessed through the following Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows XP and up, 2000, ME and 98, Apple OS 10 and up and Linux Red Hat and up. Browsers supported include Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, FireFox, Konqueror, W3M, Amaya, Galeon and Safari. Designed to be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Hardware is USB 2.0 with USB 1.1 backwards compatible.Our choice of Digital Media is CorsairOur choice of Digital Media is CorsairThis is a sample of some of the drives we use. Actual features and description may vary. This unit come as 128 MB minimum and is water-resistant, shock-proof, virtually indestructable. It comes with a 10-year manufacture warranty.Typical USB port on rear of desktop computer.Typical USB port on rear of desktop computer.This shows the typical port location for a USB on the rear side of a desktop computer.Front view of a USB on a desktop computer.Front view of a USB on a desktop computer.As USB became more popular in the early 2000-2001, PC system builders made USB ports more accessible and in greater numbers per machine.USB Flash Drive plugged into a laptop USB port.USB Flash Drive plugged into a laptop USB port.Until recently we had to depend on bulky floppies, zip disks and CDs to store all our digital data - not a great fit in our increasingly mobile lifestyle. However, with the emergence of the incredibly compact USB flash drive, you can now fit a world of data in the palm of your hand.Close-up of two USB ports.Close-up of two USB ports.The only difference among USB flash drives is storage capacity, transfer speed (determined by the type of USB Connectivity - USB 1.1 or USB 2.0)and appearance such as size, shape and color.Screenshot of the User Access AreaScreenshot of the User Access AreaOnce a user logs in to, the user has a host of options available to them. Registration is free to everyone and so is one basic pet listing per household. Premium pet listings have complete functionality of the site for pet listings.A Rapid Response Flyer is made in just a few click of the mouse.A Rapid Response Flyer is made in just a few click of the mouse.Once a pet status has been confirmed lost our online system assists the pet owner by confirming the contact information on file is up to date. Then after choosing a date missing from the calendar a preview is shown what the flyer will look like when printed. Also an Amber Alert like system for pets emails all contacts that this pet is missing.Page 1 of 5 of the Premium Pet ListingPage 1 of 5 of the Premium Pet ListingHere is a sample of the data that is stored and retrieved by a common everyday rescuer.Premium Pet Listing Page 2 of 5Premium Pet Listing Page 2 of 5Here is a sample of the data that is stored and retrieved by a common everyday rescuer.Premium Pet Listing Page 3 of 5Premium Pet Listing Page 3 of 5Here is a sample of the data that is stored and retrieved by a common everyday rescuer.Premium Pet Listing Page 4 of 5Premium Pet Listing Page 4 of 5Here is a sample of the data that is stored and retrieved by a common everyday rescuer.Premium Pet Listing Page 5 of 5Premium Pet Listing Page 5 of 5Here is a sample of the data that is stored and retrieved by a common everyday rescuer.Selecting the date pet discovered missing.Selecting the date pet discovered missing.Now after the owner contact information has been confirmed as up to date, the owner enters the date pet was discovered missing. Then they are presented with a preview of the flyer which is then printed and distributed thoughout the local neighborhoods.Edit Premium Pet Listing Page 1Edit Premium Pet Listing Page 1Once a pet owner discovers their pet is missing they log in to and choose Pet Status from the User Access Area.Confirming Pets StatusConfirming Pets StatusOnce the pet is chosen from the owner's list they must confirm so that the Amber Alert for Pets get emailed to all contacts of this pet like the veterinarian and local animal shelter.Create Rapid Response FlyersCreate Rapid Response FlyersSince all data and photos have been previously entered and registered online, the system guides the owner by the hand to complete the process quickly. All data is editable if Vendor Vendor TentThis is our first public appearance showcasing our new pet data recovery technology which was a huge hit for the local residents of Spring Hill, Florida. Developer Michael W. Rogers with a local pet owner.Developer Michael W. Rogers with a local pet developer Michael W. Rogers explains some of the finer points behind the Digital Guardian Angel System to a local pet owner. Many folks were quite happy about the degree of thoroughness of the system and yet how simple it is to use. This multiple layered system was a year in the making before unveiling it recently to the public.Shadow box display of Digital Guardian Angel Pet ID KitShadow box display of Digital Guardian Angel Pet ID KitThis is our shadow box display of the Digital Guardian Angel System with the choice of colors for the pet wallet. Not seen is the online component that is also included.One size fits allOne size fits allEven our three pound Chihuahua Daisy can wear the Digital Guardian Angel Pet ID Tag with Pet Wallet. After just a few minutes she got used to wearing it.