Petition Partners: Ballot Confusion Highlights Need for Professional Political Services

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In an election year, clerical errors and technical issues lead to a variety of problems for voters and candidates alike. Petition Partners offers its services to those seeking professionalism in the electoral process.

2012 is an election year, which means not only a great deal of emphasis on political candidates, but also on the political process itself. Going back at least as far as the hotly contested 2000 Presidential election, voters have been all too aware of the clerical and technological errors that can jeopardize the fairness and transparency of the political process. These issues are especially problematic for the candidates themselves, however. News reports from all over the nation highlight inaccuracies on ballots, which often lead to great turmoil on the part of those seeking elected office. An Arizona company called Petition Partners, meanwhile, is seeking to restore a sense of professionalism to the political process.

Known primarily as a petition circulation and management firm, Petition Partners was founded shortly after the 2000 election, and since then has worked on local and national elections alike. The company is non-partisan, and exists to bring what President Andrew Chavez calls a “sense of professionalism” to the electoral process. As such, the company works with campaigns to collect authentic, verifiable signatures for petitions, both to help candidates get their names on the ballot and to help referendums make their way before the public for a vote.

And Chavez says these services are ultimately very timely, as election officials around the country are essentially making the political process more difficult and less accessible. “We have seen a pattern of behavior with election authorities across the county to make the process of direct democracy more difficult,” Chavez confirms.

By contrast, he promises that Petition Partners can help candidates enjoy a much smoother process. “We help our friend and clients cut through the clutter of bureaucracy and dive into this process with confidence,” Chavez enthuses.

And as he is quick to point out, these services are relevant to campaigns of all shapes and sizes. Previously, the company has worked both with national-level Congressional campaigns and with local school board elections. Chavez notes that it does not even need to be a candidate for office; Petition Partners can also help activist groups get their causes or pressing issues on the ballot for a vote.

Regardless of the kind of campaign or cause they are working with, however, Chavez says that Petition Partners prioritizes professionalism above all. The company conducts a five-point verification process on all petitions, helping to ensure that everything is in good working order before it makes its way before election officials. The company employs an array of circulators and staff members, most of whom are either college students or retirees, but all of whom are trained to represent a campaign or a cause in the best light possible.


Petition Partners is a professional petition management and circulation firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 2000, the company is devoted to bringing professionalism and efficiency to the political process. Though the company’s primary focus is in circulating and verifying petitions, they also offer resources in campaign signing, canvassing, data entry, and more.

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