Head Over Tails for Pets Warns to Watch for Signs of Pet Poisoning

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Pets are naturally curious and will consume foods and products not intended for them. Head Over Tails for Pets reminds pet owners to watch for signs of an accidental poisoning.

Curiosity killed the cat -- the old English proverb is unfortunate, but true. It is an animal’s nature to be curious. Instinctively, they sniff, lick and eat random “treats” that are found in their path. Head Over Tails for Pets reminds pet owners that unattended “people” food, beauty products, medications, insecticides, and household plants have the potential to poison pets.

Even the best precautions cannot always prevent an accidental pet poisoning. The following is a list of signs that a pet has been poisoned:

  • Note if a pet becomes uncomfortable, drowsy, lethargic or unsteady on their feet.
  • Watch for any vomiting or uncontrolled voiding of the bowels and bladder.
  • Look for drooling from the mouth or changes in the animal’s breathing, such as altered or forced breathing.
  • Pay attention to signs of convulsions, muscle tremors or uncontrolled movements such as twitching.
  • Note signs of change in the pet's behavior like symptoms of hallucinations, disorientation or confusion.
  • Check inside his mouth for burns of any kind to the mouth or tongue or noticeable changes in the color of your pet's gums. If their gums change to blue, become pale or turn very red, this may indicate poisoning.

Call a veterinarian immediately if you suspect pet poisoning. It is best to find what was ingested and show it to the veterinarian. If what was eaten is not apparent, a list of medication kept in the home may be helpful for a diagnosis. Treatment will depend on the type of poison consumed.

When an animal suffers from an accidental poisoning, they are at risk of dehydration caused by vomiting and/or diarrhea. Warning signs of dehydration include the following: excessive panting; skin turgidity decreases; unsteady on feet; weakness in the hind quarters; and pet appears more apprehensive. Adding HydraPet to a pet’s water dish will help replenish vital electrolytes and help in maintaining fluid balance. HydraPet should only be used in conjunction with veterinarian’s care in the case of accidental poisoning.

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