True Pheromones Presents Its Brand New Pheromone True Sexiness for Women

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Introducing the hottest female product on the market, True Sexiness. With one simple application this pheromone formula will allow females to get any guy in the room and create an increase in her overall appeal, read more about these unique molecules at

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Pheromones - The Secret Weapon of Attraction

I am a customer if True Pheromones and I have to say this stuff really works! I tried True Sexiness. I applied it before my hot date. When I had gone out shopping prior to my date, I observed a number of men looking at me.

True Pheromones is excited to unveil their latest pheromone True Sexiness. It is a pheromone for ladies. It is the world’s first women pheromone scent made up of actual female copulins. This pheromone is an extremely potent combination of female pheromones and copulins that can have a strong influence on their interaction with other individuals. Women of all ages are able to use it at work, at school, in coffee shops, bookstores and also dance clubs, or at home to help with increasing their romantic relationship with their partner.

True Sexiness is a combination of two pheromones that are meant to promote deeper and more meaningful interaction. These two pheromones are Estratetraenol and Copulin. Estratetraenol is strongly linked to estrogen, the strongest feminine hormone. This pheromone is widely recognized to have quite pleasant features and helps to create a warm, calm and serene experience to its surroundings. Furthermore, it generates a sense of ultra-femininity and emotions of attraction.

Copulins are created solely by women during their ovulation period. Research has shown it quickly and appreciably heightens production of testosterone. This results in emotions of sexual arousal in men whenever they are around women who use True Sexiness pheromones. They are referred to as the master of attraction, desire and charm. At the same time, men can reap the benefits of this fast acting pheromone as it boosts their sexual libido.

Healthcare professionals highly recommend women to start out by applying 1 to 2 sprays to any warm region of the human body like the armpit. Slowly, as one becomes comfortable and determines the ideal amount to get the maximum advantage of this pheromone, they can use a fewer sprays. Usually, the effects of this enticing pheromone lasts for nearly 4-6 hours. And so, women are open to make use of this product once more in the day if they want.

True Pheromones is among the major suppliers of pheromones and sells high quality goods with the highest industry standards for purity. They have supplied pheromones to around 20 thousand individuals living all across the globe. They work out of Canada. A number of their products can be bought in an oil based solution and others as a perfumed spray.

A totally satisfied client said, “This stuff really works! I tried True Sexiness. I applied it before my hot date. When I had gone out shopping prior to my date, I observed a number of men looking at me. A guy in queue carried my water bottle without even asking me. As for my date, it was complete sexual attraction. We planned our second one even before the first one ended.”

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