Pi Day is March 14th: When Geeks of the World Unite -- Media Availability: The Giant Pi

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March 14th is PI Day - the uber-holiday of cyberspace - celebrated across the United States, and around the world. March 14th is Pi Day because the date is 03.14 - the first three digits of Pi. It's the day when math geeks, students, and quants can have their Pi and eat it too. At Pi Central, at MathematiciansPictures.com, the Giant Pi is getting ready for it's annual Pi Day drop - like the drop of the giant ball in Times Square and the arrival of Santa all rolled into one - but better. MEDIA AVAILABILITY - INTERVIEW WITH THE PI.

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The annual drop of the Giant Pi is like the dropping of the New Year's ball in Times Square and the legendary arrival of Santa at Macy's - rolled into one giant cyberspace event.

March 14th is PI Day - the uber-holiday of cyberspace - celebrated by geeks of all description, teachers, students, mathematicians, computer scientists, technologists, quants, and Pi and math lovers without end, across the United States, and around the world.

It's Pi Day, as the Keeper of the Giant Pi at MathematiciansPictures.com explained, because March 14 is 3.14, the first 3 digits of pi.

Pi, which represents the ratio between a circle's circumference and its diameter, has come well beyond being merely a ratio. Irrational, never-ending, and transcendental, it is today a rock star, an international celebrity - personified by the Giant Pi.

And on Pi Day, March 14th, at 1:59 pm - 3.14159 being the first 6 digits of pi - the annual ritual Drop of the Giant Pi takes place at Pi Day ground zero - Pi Day Central in the Pi Department at MathematiciansPictures.com, the cyberspace emporium which is the high temple and sine qua non for math lovers and Pi devotees.

"The annual drop of the Giant Pi is like the dropping of the New Year's ball in Times Square and the legendary arrival of Santa at Macy's - rolled into one giant cyberspace event."


The Giant Pi, officially known as the Ancient, Infinite, Irrational, Transcendental Giant Pi, this year - SPEAKS. In the new SAYINGS AND WISDOM OF THE GIANT PI VIDEO the Giant Pi introduces itself, and presents some of its sayings and immortal wisdom, also available on Giant Pi posters, tshirts, and mugs.    

Also on view is the official PI DAY VIDEO, a Pi tour-de-force, from MathematiciansPictures.com.


Media interviews with the Giant Pi are available, subject to time availability as the Giant Pi prepares for its annual Pi Drop, for television, radio, print, online, and blog journalists. The Giant Pi, who has been around since, well before the beginning of time, has known them all - mathematicians, world leaders, historical figures. Been there. Seen it. Done it. Makes a great interview.

Video, audio, and print format interview formats can be arranged; B roll also available.

For interviews with the Giant Pi, or B Roll, contact the KeeperOfThePi at MathematiciansPictures.com For contact information, see below.


In the Pi Department at MathematiciansPictures.com, the minions of the Giant Pi are busily packing Pi Day Tshirts, Pi Day posters, Pi Day mugs, and pi gifts galore.

This year, with every tshirt shipped from MathematiciansPictures.com a Pi Day 2009 collectors button is included free while supplies last.

MathStyle.com Pi clothing and specialized Math apparel provider, sister site to MathematiciansPictures.com, is also providing a free collectors button with each tshirt or other apparel item shipped while supplies last.


Because Pi Day, March 14th, this year falls on a Saturday, the pre-Pi-Day rehearsal of the Giant Pi's annual Pi Drop will also be broadcast (on March 13th), to accommodate the legions of followers who wish to celebrate 'pre-Pi Day' at school.


Each year, MathematiciansPictures.com issues a special Pi Day collectors series, featuring a Pi Day Collectors Poster, tshirt, and mug, honoring a famous mathematician and their contribution to the history of Pi, and a milestone in the history of Pi.

This year, the Pi Day special edition collector poster 2009 Pi Day Collectors Poster honors John Von Neumann, ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer - the first high-speed fully electronic general purpose digital computing machine), and the beginning of the computer calculation of Pi.

Previous year's Pi Day Collector posters, issued annually in honor of Pi by MathematiciansPictures.com, have featured Sir Isaac Newton (2008 Pi Day Collectors Poster), celebrated Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler (2007 Pi Day Collectors Poster), and Archimedes (2006 Pi Day Collectors Poster). A summary of these famous mathematicians and their landmark and milestone contributions to the history and development of Pi is included below.

The Pi Day special edition Collectors Posters sell out annually - if you haven't started to collect them yet, this year's collector's edition is a great one to start with!

The annual Pi Day posters are almost as popular as the internationally lauded The Mathematicians - A History of Ideas series of math posters and shirts, comprising a pantheon of famous mathematicians' pictures from MathematiciansPictures.com.


The fascination with Pi is as old as the Bible, where references to the ratio between a circle and its diameter appear in connection with Solomon's Temple. Attempts to determine Pi's numerical value threads through the history of ancient cultures like the quest for a grail. The Illustrated History of Pi at PiDayInternational.org gives a full account of pi history, from the early days, to the computer calculation of literally billions of digits, and into the future.

PI DAY WEBSITE - PiDayInternational.org

The PiDayInternational.org website, along with the Illustrated History of Pi, has Pi Day activities, millions of digits of Pi from the PiOmatic automated Pi dispensing machine, and lots more.


The Pi-of-the-Month-Club at the Pi Department at MathematiciansPictures.com (in which membership is free) delivers a monthly dose of the latest and greatest in Pi.

Free membership is also available in the World Federation of Pi -- enroll at the MathematiciansPictures.com website, or PiDayInternational.org.

And if you've got an appetite for millions of digits of pi, the PiOMatic Pi Dispensing Machine at the Pi Diner, on display at MathematiciansPictures.com, with the working version at the PiDayInternational.org website.


Pi Day is the premiere international holiday of cyberspace. It is part of a new breed of geek holidays, which also includes Geek Pride Day celebrated May 25th - the day the original Star Wars opened, Talk Like a PIrate Day, and Mole Day.

Pi Day is celebrated by tens of thousands of math lovers, geeks, and nerds of all stripes - teachers, students, professors and college students, financial analysts, rocket scientists, and quants of all descriptions. You'd be surprised. The person celebrating it could be your neighbor - or that person in the next cubicle who you'd never suspect of being a Pi fanatic.

May the Pi be with you!


Last year's 2008 Pi Day Collector poster featured Sir Isaac Newton, the famous English scientist and mathematician, and Lucasian professor at Cambridge University, whose work on pi bridged the change from the use by mathematicians of the tools of geometry, to the more abstract analytical methods of calculus. These tools not only ultimately made the calculation of billions of digits of pi possible (the total number of digits is infinite), but ushered in a new age in math and science.

The 2007 Pi Day collector poster featured the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler, who popularized the use of the Greek letter pi to symbolize the ratio of the circumference to the diameter, and who was regarded as one of history's greatest mathematicians. His "Euler Identity" formula tied together five fundamental mathematical constants - 0, 1, pi, e, and i - in a single elegant equation. 2007 was also the tercentenary of Euler's birth.

The 2006 Pi Day special collector's edition featured Archimedes, the ancient Greek mathematician who was one of the first to accurately approximate the value of pi, using a geometrical technique which anticipated the calculus developed centuries later by competing mathematical geniuses Newton and Leibniz (to the eternal consternation of some high school students).

Previous years Pi Day Collectors Edition Posters are no longer available. The 2009 Pi Day Collectors Edition Poster, honoring John Von Neumann and ENIAC, has been released and is currently available at MathematiciansPictures.com. It is a great place to start your collection of these prized posters, tshirts, and mugs, issued annually by MathematiciansPictures.com on Pi Day.


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