Keyboard Workshop Announces A Sizzling New Book on Piano Chords & Piano Chord Progressions

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A brand new book on piano chords and chord progressions is now available from titled "Piano Chords & Progressions: The Secret Backdoor to Exciting Piano Playing!" It covers chords from the simplest 3-note chord to the most complex 7-note extended chord.

-- the tune in my right hand and those fabulous 7th chords in my left hand!

An exciting new book on piano chords and chord progressions has been published by Keyboard Workshop of Medford, Oregon. The 96-page book covers hundreds of chords from simple major chords to the most complex 11th and 13th chords, and each chord is illustrated with the individual note names printed on each key.

The author, Duane Shinn, has created over 300 specialized courses on DVD and CD for adults about various aspects of piano playing and chord formations. This book takes a birds-eye view of chords overall and methodically reveals how the knowledge of chords and chord progressions can speed up the learning curve of students exponentially.

Shinn writes "I wish you could have seen me play when I was just learning. I was the nearest thing to hopeless that you could imagine. I was into baseball, not music -- and my heroes were Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, and Ted Williams (and by the way, I still have a photo of those 3 guys together on my wall.) My dream was to hit baseballs like them, not to play the piano"

"I took lesson when I was a kid, but found it boring. Not only that, but all I could do was play the written music exactly as it was written. Without the sheet music in front of me, I didn't have a clue what to do. But fortunately when I was in high school I had the opportunity to play in a school combo -- but to do that, I had to learn chords, and learn them fast."

"I searched through a music magazine until I found an ad for a chord chart. It cost two bucks, as I recall, so I sent off for it. When it arrived in the mail I slipped it behind the keys on my parents old upright piano and promptly learned to play my first chord -- Dm7. I loved the sound of it, and was hooked for life on chords. The 2nd chord I learned was Cmaj7, then Em7, then Ebm7 -- and before that first night was over I had learned to play "Frankie & Johnnie" -- the tune in my right hand and those fabulous 7th chords in my left hand!"

Chords are like a secret "back door" into the world of piano playing without having to go through the "front door" -- years and years of scales, drills, rote practicing, etc. Chords are really a shortcut to understanding and playing music without all the formal training. The book reveals:

· The 3 piano chords you absolutely, positively have to know

· How to play the piano using chords even if you don't know middle C from Tweedle Dee

· How to learn all 12 major chords quickly by sets of 3

· How to change a major chord to minor by moving just one note

· How to form and use 6ths, 7ths, 9ths, 11th, and 13th chords

· How to always tell what key you are in easily and quickly

· How to link chords together to form chord progressions

· How to learn and play the 12-bar blues, and then apply them to lots of other songs

· How to figure out the form of a song so you can memorize it quickly

· How to use the "circle of keys" -- both major and minor

· How to make your songs unique by using chord substitutions

· Standards, blues and gospel progressions you can use

Containing 39 lessons on all aspects of piano chords and chord progressions, each lesson with many illustrations which makes the book extremely easy to understand and to put into use, the 96 page soft-cover book is a bargain at $12.99.

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About Keyboard Workshop:

Keyboard Workshop in Medford, Oregon was born in 1965 and has taught thousands of people to play the piano using chords. Courses from the Workshop can be found at


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