James Matador Opens Public Forum on His Official Pickup Artist Training Site

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James Matador, known best as one of the world's leading pick-up artists, has opened the public forum on his official site, PUAArtist.com. The forum will act as a place for artists in training to go to for quick questions, a chance to pick Matador's brain, or just the opportunity to tell their success stories.

PUA Artist

PUA Artist

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In the world of pick-up artistry, there are a few names that ring out amongst the crowd. One such individual is James Matador, who found himself playing wingman to the world renown Mystery on the VH1 reality series “The Pick-p Artist”. These days, Matador has stepped into the spotlight with his own official website, PUAArtist.com, which warranted praise from The Wall Street Journal, Playboy, and Los Angeles Times. Several months after the official launch of his website, Matador has finally opened up the official pick-up artist forum. The forum acts as an outlet for registered users to ask pertinent questions regarding tactics and techniques and seek for advice on how to approach certain situations.

While his site has been up and running for a few months, providing its visitors with the best tips and tricks to starting their life as a pick-up artist, the forum acts as a more personalized and free approach to receiving the secrets to Matador’s profession. PUAArtist.com opens up the world of the pick-up artist to the average Joe, providing an assortment of live, phone, and online training. James Matador takes the helm as the lead trainer and gives an assortment of insightful lessons that range anywhere from the basics of being a pick-up artist to more complex topics like different ways to approach women. Whether taking part in the online, in-person, or phone training, all patrons of PUAArtist.com will receive the same respect and attention all around.

PUAArtist.com provides a public insight into news of the pick-up artist world, announcements as to special events hosted by Matador himself, and other trusted sources for when a little brushing up is required. On occasion, the website may also touch on specific topics such as the recent article “Dating Coach for Divorced Men”. PUAArtist.com can teach newcomers how to network and who to choose as their faithful wingman or even just provide a quick “What Not to Wear” guide. Traveling pick-up artists can also head over to the “Location” tab for a look at how the game works all over the world.

James Matador wasn’t always the suave pickup artist that the world knows today. Before joining the ranks of the world’s best pick-up artists, Matador was held state and national championships in Taekwondo. According to his profile on The Venusian Arts website, Matador turned to the “seduction community” in 1999 after a string of unsuccessful relationships. In 2007, after a series of self-improvements, Matador co-founded the Venusian Arts with fellow pick-up artist Lovedrop and Mystery. From the Venusian Arts, Matador blossomed into the respected pick-up artist that is known today and, after several T.V. stints and magazine recognitions, he put his efforts into the freshly launched PUAArtist.com website.

In this day and age, the pick-up artist is the rising star of the dating world. With the ability to talk to any woman they see and the dangerously high level of confidence to boot, the pick-up artist is sometimes labeled a dating sociopath. Though the stereotype may fit the personality of some of the more amateur artists, those that follow Matador’s methodologies will find themselves amongst the “elite” of the pick-up artist world. Becoming a pick-up artist is no simple task, and there’s a reason why the training can be so extensive, but with the right ambition and desire, anyone has the potential to, at the very least, walk in the shoes of James Matador’s early career.    

With the addition of the public forum to his site, Matador extends the olive branch to beyond just his training sessions. The free forum allows individuals all around the world to pick the famous artist’s brain and get the answers to their most pertinent questions. Whether it’s a question of how to approach a woman or just the desire to share a success story from the night before, PUA Artist’s new forum is is the best place for those hopeful artists around the world.

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